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August 30, 2001

Roger Federer


MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Are you pretty happy with the way you played today?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I think so. Today was a better match than my first one. Came out playing really well, actually. I had no idea who he was. I just had to find out a little bit how he plays. I knew on my serve he would stand on the baseline, play very aggressive. So I came out well. I think the first set was for me very important to get in the match. Also the way I was serving today, I can be very happy about that too.

Q. The injury? Are you feeling 100%? 95%?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I would say 95%. I'm still not 100%, for sure. Still when I'm pushing really hard, I feel a little bit. I think as long as I don't slip, really have a terrible movement, it shouldn't be a problem.

Q. I have a question not about this tournament, but about the exhibition you're going to play in Verona. What do you think about Verona, Romeo and Juliette?

ROGER FEDERER: I spoke to Vittorio. He told me it's the city of Romeo and Juliette. I didn't even know (laughter). Otherwise, I don't know very much at all. I didn't even know where it was in Italy. It's a little bit embarrassing. I think I'm playing Becker first round, if that's correct. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Should be a nice hall. I heard some good stuff about it.

Q. What do you know about lyrics in general?

ROGER FEDERER: Niente. (Nothing).

Q. After having a couple matches under your belt, do you feel the increased seeding has had any effect on you?

ROGER FEDERER: For Wimbledon, my goal was to be seeded top 16. Suddenly they seeded 32. There I was a little bit disappointed. I don't know if they should do it that way. It takes a little bit away the first two rounds the real big, big matches. The guy who is going to win the tournament anyway, doesn't matter really who he plays first or second round.

Q. Considering that you are testing an injury, you're healing, do you feel you've been adequately tested so far in terms of the caliber of players that you faced?

ROGER FEDERER: I think I could have had tougher matches today or yesterday, but I just came up with some really good serving. If the guy makes a break, you never know how he's going to react. Sometimes they play so much better. I didn't allow them to do that. That's why actually I won my matches fairly easily. I like it that way. Save more energy. Probably next match it's getting tougher and tougher now.

Q. What's your opinion of Peter Lundgren, his play?

ROGER FEDERER: I never saw him play when he was playing. He showed me now a few matches when he beat Lendl in San Francisco, stuff like this. I wouldn't say we play similar.

Q. How has he improved your play?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, we know each other now since four years maybe. It's the second year we're traveling on our own without Swiss Tennis, I think. Yeah, he's helped me a lot. He made me relax more on the court. For me it's also important that a coach is a friend outside of the court because we spend basically our whole life together for maybe, I don't know, ten years. It's better if you get along well outside.

Q. He's with you here?

ROGER FEDERER: He's here, yes, definitely. For Grand Slams, I don't know, he should be (laughter).

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