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March 10, 1999

Lleyton Hewitt


GREG SHARKO: First question.

Q. You had chances in both sets, up early breaks. What happened?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I think I took it a bit easy, I suppose, once I got up the break. I didn't really try to consolidate on my service games. The two games I got broken in the first set, I was up 40-Love in both of them. He hit a few good returns and that, but really you shouldn't lose your serve from 40-Love, especially twice in one set. That basically cost me the first set. I was up an early, early break in the second. Slackened off a bit. He took his chances when they came.

Q. When you say you slackened off, was that just really more a mental focus aspect or something else?

LLEYTON HEWITT: A little bit. I suppose I think pretty much it was mentally. You're thinking you've got the game won, then he hits two or three clean winners off my serve. He's back in game. He's looking at deuce. He's always a game ahead. I was always serving trying to get to level terms after he broke the first time. I suppose I was under more pressure once I got close in service games as well.

Q. If that situation arises again, what would be your course of action?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I'd definitely try and I suppose make a high percentage of first serves when I had game points today. I think I gave him a look at a lot of second serves when I had game points.

Q. Has Darren said anything to you yet?


Q. Do you think the experience factor was important today? He's a pretty slick player.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I suppose it had a little bit to do. I don't think a hell of a lot, though.

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