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August 27, 2003

Roger Federer


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roger.

Q. Early on in the match, the first four games of the second set, first set, it looked like you were not moving as quickly, were kind of sluggish. The first time the trainer came out to deal with his eye, did that injury time-out come at a right time for you to revive yourself?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know if it was before or after I broke back. I think it was after. You know, even though I lost the first set, I thought I was serving pretty good. Just missed a few shots, you know. That one game I got broken. I had my chances myself. It was a pity I lost that first set. But he was serving well. He was playing tough, so...

Q. Having served so well in the first set, lose that one, then lose your serve at the start of the second.

ROGER FEDERER: What worried me was the second set, that first game. Served a couple of double-faults. Just a little unpatient (sic). Luckily for me, I bounced back. Have to see this doesn't happen in the future.

Q. Does the Horna match in Paris, does that enter your mind?

ROGER FEDERER: No. I really felt good today physically. In Paris it was more a mental thing. Today was no problem. Never thought about that.

Q. Do you feel differently entering a Grand Slam tournament as a champion?

ROGER FEDERER: Once you walk on the court, doesn't change much. Maybe a little bit more confidence. You have the No. 2 seed next to your name. Doesn't really matter in the end. I'm not looking at this whole thing very different than I used to.

Q. Did you have any interest last night in flipping on the TV and watching the Roddick match?

ROGER FEDERER: Didn't see much of it, no.

Q. How difficult is it to pace yourself in a Grand Slam event?

ROGER FEDERER: Depends how long you stay in. First of all, you got to win your matches before you can look this way. So for me it's just one match at a time, like for everybody else. You know, I saw a potential there. I was very happy the way I was serving, even though it was very windy. I think it's always more difficult if it's windy like this. That's going to help me for the next few games. I'm not concerned about it when my game is right.

Q. How did you feel about starting on Wednesday?

ROGER FEDERER: Again, doesn't matter. I've been here since Saturday. If I would have come from Long Island or some other tournament, I would have been happy to play Wednesday. I was ready to play Monday. If I play Wednesday, I just had more time to play better, more time to prepare.

Q. You say you're looking at this thing differently than you did before. Could you tell us how you're looking at it differently?

ROGER FEDERER: I said I'm not looking at it differently.

Q. That second injury time-out, you were juggling the ball with your foot. Seemed like you were pretty anxious to keep the momentum going.

ROGER FEDERER: You're always scared, because it was not very hot today. There was always a breeze, at least for us players. I didn't want to risk any injury. I started serving a few and moving around. Play some soccer, as well (smiling).

Q. When did you notice he was hurt the first time, that he was cramping?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I thought he was playing very loose at the end of the third, the one game at 5-3 when I broke him for the second time. I saw that he was just not interested. I didn't think about an injury. Then when he took the injury time-out after, we all saw that something was wrong with him.

Q. Did you change strategy at that moment?

ROGER FEDERER: There's not much to change. I was already winning. For me it was just to see how much pain he had. Played maybe first few points looking more at your opponent than concentrating on your own game. Didn't last long.

Q. You said you came here Saturday. You mean 11 days ago or four days ago?


Q. What have you been doing since then?

ROGER FEDERER: I had four days off after Cincinnati, started practicing again on Wednesday.

Q. Can you talk about the state of men's tennis now. Ferrero winning, you winning Wimbledon, Andy coming on.

ROGER FEDERER: And people retiring also at the same time. You know, eventually always somebody will retire. These are big names retiring right now. It's been talking a long time now, the change of the guard. I always thought we were a good group of guys, the youngsters. We've proved it now. We've won Grand Slams. But still, you know, Agassi is around, other experienced players. I think it's a good mix right now.

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