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August 27, 1996

Yayuk Basuki


Q. So how do you feel after that?

YAYUK BASUKI: Well, I feel like I had a chance in the second set, but it's not easy to play against someone, the top seed. She has so many experience than me. I think for me it was great to start again to play against her.

Q. You had the two set points in that second set. What was going through your head? I thought you played them aggressively, maybe too aggressively.

YAYUK BASUKI: Yeah, that's right. As I say, to play against Steffi, no matter if it's set point or something, it doesn't really mean that's set point for her. She never give any easy points on that especially. Top players, they have a lot of experience, especially on the critical points. They will try to hold that.

Q. Is that the best match you've played against her? What do you think was the difference in that match compared to the other times you played her?

YAYUK BASUKI: The other time I was still thinking the big name about her, she's No. 1 in the world. Now I was saying, "Hey, I have to try." I played her in Montreal. That's when I started. I had confidence. Hopefully it still will be getting better.

Q. You were playing very well two years ago, you were climbing very quickly. What's happened in the last two years?

YAYUK BASUKI: Maybe I'm kind of thinking too much about a few things, pressure also. People back home, maybe they give me a lot of pressure. The thing also that I've been trying to work on, you know, my game, where is my level. I'm still trying to improve on my game.

Q. What was your game plan against her tonight?

YAYUK BASUKI: Against Steffi?

Q. Yes.

YAYUK BASUKI: Well, I've been playing against her a few times. I have to be aggressive because if I let her ahead of me, I don't think there's any chance for me. For me, I know she has a good weapon, good serve, good forehand. For me, first of all, I try to be more consistent on my game. I think first set I've been losing a lot of free points. I give her a lot of free points. Second set I'm trying better and better. Maybe it just not happen this time.

Q. You got off to a real good start in the tiebreaker, up 4-1. Did you feel you had some momentum at that time?

YAYUK BASUKI: I know. Maybe I'm thinking too much. I got too -- I had two double-faults. I was thinking, "I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm here, especially I have two set points." I think I'm thinking too much sometimes.

Q. What were you thinking about, winning?

YAYUK BASUKI: I was thinking about finish set. To play against Steffi, it's not easy. Each point I have to give my best effort.

Q. You also had a chance to win when you were serving at 5-3. Were you doing the same thing there?

YAYUK BASUKI: Yeah. I didn't get any points on that. It just too quick happened. I lost the moment, then 5-All. Suddenly I'm thinking again. I start to think, "I have to play against this person; I have to try each point." I can't give up free points like that. It's about mental stuff also. She's very confident out there, even though she was down two set points. She still really -- she's very confident.

Q. Have you ever won a set from Steffi Graf?


Q. Before tonight, have you ever had a set point against her?


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