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August 16, 2004

Roger Federer


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roger.

Q. Could you just talk about your performance generally and could you perhaps also talk about what maybe you found difficult in the second set especially.

ROGER FEDERER: Well, first of all, you know, obviously the positive side, I'm happy to be through because that's what counts in the end and not really how. Obviously, you know, I would have liked to win in straight sets, but, you know, didn't happen. So that's a little bit -- you know, the one negative side about this match today. But other than that, you know, I think there was quite a bit of positive out there anyway. I started off well, you know, won the first set, came back from 3-Love down in the second, and actually then played really well in the third. You know, the only problem was at the end of the second set, you know, which is unfortunate. But that happens occasionally, and unfortunately today. But didn't hurt me too much because I won.

Q. That was the most frustrated and angry I think I've seen you in a match. Did it have to do with the wind or anything else? I had never seen you smash the racquet on a court before.

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know how many times you've seen me play, you know. It happens quite often still. Come by in practice sometimes. It happens even more often (smiling). Yeah, it's a long time since I got, you know, my last warning. But for me that was more a sign to actually, you know, just show a reaction because I was unhappy the way I played in the second set, you know. The problem was actually that I didn't make my first breakpoint, which I had at 0-0 in the second. That's when everything started to happen, you know. I got frustrated, threw my racquet once, you know, the ball went once. For me, these are not issues to talk about really. It's important how I played and that I won in the end, and not how I really acted on court.

Q. One thing, there's plenty more to come from your form earlier this summer, earlier this year. We've seen you play a lot better than this. There's still a lot left to bring out in the coming rounds.

ROGER FEDERER: Well, it's how I feel, too. I know the conditions weren't easy today. It was a lot of wind. You know, everybody saw that. It's actually the best. I've beaten Davydenko. After two times I've played him, I beat him 7-5 in the third. This is a hell of an improvement. I'm happy about it. I know I can definitely play better than I did today. But it's important always in the end is not to play well and lose, it's important to go through. That's what I expect from myself tomorrow. I'm the big favorite and I want to take advantage of it.

Q. Has there been an adjustment that you had to make after Friday, the opening ceremony, to actually get back into competitive sport?

ROGER FEDERER: No. You know, it's not like you won something. I don't know. When you're emotional and you have won something, then sometimes it's tough to bounce back. But that was such a different situation which was, you know, beyond tennis really. So for me it was not a problem to go back on the practice court, you know, and start thinking about tennis. I've been dreaming quite a long time to again be part of the Olympics. Now it's the case. And I feel good to be here and to have won my first round. At the same time, I'm very proud to have -- to have been able to carry the flag for Switzerland. It hasn't been a dream for me in my career to actually carry the flag. But once some of the people were starting to talk about it, I said, "That would be really, really nice." I'm very happy it was me.

Q. I remember from Sydney you were very disappointed when you lost the bronze medal match. Is that still a motivating factor?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, the disappointment was the semifinals. For me there it was tough to bounce back after a loss. Because usually you lose and leave. But there I had to lose and stay, and lost again. So that was extremely tough for me. But, you know, puts even more pressure on me this year because that was kind of a breakthrough in a way for me, as well, you know, to reach actually the semis in Sydney already, so obviously which means I want to go further this year. It's difficult because it's a long way to go.

Q. I kept track, you changed your tactics a little bit, probably because of the wind. You actually won 20 of 29 points when you were serving and volleying, coming in. Is that a tactic we're going to see more of?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, you know, I got the option. So I'll keep it on the side. You know, I'd rather stay back. You know, the game I lost serving for the match was because I missed a couple of volleys, you know, and took too many chances on my serve because I was a little bit afraid to volley. So I should have maybe stayed back on those. But, you know, at least I realized it quickly enough to actually start well in the third, and that's what counts. But it's definitely something still I want to improve on, you know, in my career, my volley game, because I know I can play great volleys and I should take advantage of it more often.

Q. Some of the players complained about the surface that has been used in this tournament. How do you find it?

ROGER FEDERER: I find it okay. You know, I find it fair. It's medium speed for me. Took me also one or two days to get used to the conditions. But you come to certain tournaments, you feel good right away. Like for me in Toronto, I arrived, my practice was great, my first round. Here, just took me a little bit longer. So that's all I can say. You know, the wind was tricky today. But about the surface and balls, nothing to say.

Q. Do you think it's faster than the one that's going to be used in Flushing Meadows?

ROGER FEDERER: US Open is a similar speed. Like Indian Wells and Toronto are slower definitely. You know, people are sometimes also hoping for quicker surfaces, so this is nice, nice change.

End of FastScripts….

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