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March 23, 2003

Jennifer Capriati


THE MODERATOR: First question for Jennifer, please.

Q. For the second match running, a tough first set and a fairly easier second set. Did you feel you had to lift your game in the second set or was it more that Laura just lost her way?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: No, I think I played a lot better in the second set. Maybe the first set took a little bit out of her. So maybe there wasn't as much on her shots, but I think I played a completely different game. Yeah, it was the last two matches have been like that. So I just haven't played these players before, so in the beginning it's tough when you don't know what to expect. You know, they're playing well. They just come out and have nothing to lose and no pressure. So, you know, just next time, matches go on, I play better opponents, I can't wait to kind of lift my game like that and sort of get into the match, because next time I could lose that first set.

Q. You're playing Sarah Taylor tomorrow. Have you played her before?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I don't think so.

Q. She beat No. 11 today, 17 yesterday.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I might have played her in the US Open last year, first round. I'm not really sure, but I don't know.

Q. How much do you know about her game, if anything?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: If it's the same girl that I played, I just remember that she was, you know, just a good mover on the court, just hit the ball hard and flat, not much variety. But, you know, if it's not, then I'll just kind of have to ask around and see what type of game she plays.

Q. Can it be beneficial at all to play in these tiebreakers for the rest of the tournament?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: You could look at it that way, take a positive from it as it gets you a little bit more mentally tougher out there.

Q. Can you talk about Laura Granville's game a bit, what she does well, what she needs to work on.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, she takes the ball early, which is good. She has a pretty good serve. I mean, she hits the ball flat, and, you know, I guess when she takes it early, that helps. But, I mean, seems she has a pretty good understanding what's going on around the court. She moves the ball well. But, you know, I think she could just maybe be a bit more aggressive and come in on the shots a little more. She had me on the run quite a few times.

Q. Were there any parts of your game today that you weren't completely happy with that you think need a lift for the next match?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I mean, like I said in the beginning, I just didn't come out as sharp as I would like and just right off the bat, just sort of hitting my game like I did in the second set. I mean, in the second set, I feel like I did everything right. So in the first set, if I could just come out and start like that, you know, maybe if it's just I need to have a little better warm-up or what... But basically, that's it. I improved it right away in the second set. If I hadn't, then I would say, "That's something I really need to work on," but I didn't, so...

Q. Were you happy with your serve? You had glitches in the first set.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah, I mean I think that was just a bit of lack of concentration. When I'm concentrating, sort of when my whole game is going well, then it lifts my serve up. It's just a matter of the confidence. Yeah, I just can't have these -- these lack of concentration moments.

Q. How are your eyes now?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: They're fine now.

Q. 100 percent?


Q. Do you think about the state of your game in terms of how you match up against Venus and Serena and where you want to be in that regard, even after a match like this? Is that in your thinking at all?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I'm not going to comment about that.

Q. You seem to be actively coming into the net today. Was that because the balls were shorter or because you decided you wanted to do that?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, both. You know, it's something that I'm trying to work on. I think, you know, in the first set, maybe I could have come in a lot more, but as I got more confident, I followed the balls in more. I think it's good in these matches to work on that. This is a time to work on it because, you know, I can always go back to my usual style. I think I can do pretty good that way. So it's good to try the different shots in these matches.

Q. Do you ever find it difficult not to look ahead to, you know, one more victory? Not comparing your game, but the idea of facing Venus?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: No, I mean, I've been doing it long enough where it's just like I know that it's not good to do that and look ahead. You really just got to take it match by match. It's gonna be tough enough once I get there. So I'll just work on what I have to now and try to make everything perfect and feel good so that when I get to that point - if I do - that I'll just have enough trust in my game.

Q. You look like you had no difficulty getting to balls today. Were you pleased?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah, I think today I definitely felt better out there on the court. It wasn't as hot today. My fitness is what I've been working on a lot, so I think my trainer would be happy with the way I was moving, too.

Q. Would this title be special for you? Obviously, it's a big tournament, so it would be. But home state and that sort of thing, what would it mean to you?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah, it would be great because I've been to the finals already the last two years. You know, in my career, it would be great to have this title under my belt, just being from Florida and coming so close the last two times. So hopefully, you know, I could really take away the title this time but... We'll see.

End of FastScripts….

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