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May 16, 2002

Silvia Farina Elia


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Silvia.

Q. What happened?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: I think I let go at the beginning of the second set. On my service game, we were 40-15, and she broke me. The whole match changed. She played better than usual. I won the first, and then she became more aggressive.

Q. What do you regret?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: I regret this - not having been consistent in the second and having allowed her to become more confident.

Q. There were some line calls?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Yes, but that's normal when your opponent plays aggressive. You can expect that, and also shots which can go out wide. But it was difficult for me to keep my serve, and she held her serve easily. So it was difficult for me to break her. I was always on the defense.

Q. Were you a little bit tired at the end?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, you know, we had a long match and we had these long rallies. We ran a lot. I was a little bit tired, but maybe mentally.

Q. Did the night match affect you?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: No, not at all.

Q. Why didn't you play more aggressive?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: It was not easy, because she served so well. When it was me serving, I had problems with my second serve. She was aggressive right away, so I was always defending.

Q. Yes. But even when you were constructing your game, you seemed rather fearful of going to the net.

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, you know, I'll have to watch the tape of the match. But, anyhow, I think we're talking about a few points.

Q. You can still be satisfied because it was not a bad defeat. This was your best year at the Italian Open. What made the difference today?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: She played very well, and maybe I expected her to make more mistakes. I felt a little bit of tension. I let her play well, and she was very consistent - especially in the end. She was still going for the shots.

Q. You are playing your best tennis. Why didn't you try to change the rhythm a little bit more?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, I know her. And when I try to slow down, she knows it and she's even more aggressive. She doesn't even wait for the ball to bounce. At first, I was using my slice, but then I stopped. And I know that if I'm playing defensively, I try to be more aggressive. But I know. You're right. Maybe I should have tried.

Q. Are you friends? Do you go out together?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, you know, we're not often at home. But sometimes we practice together, especially in the winter. This year we practiced before the Australian Open.

Q. Did you feel the support from the crowd?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Yes, of course. It was very helpful. But on the other hand, when things are going wrong, I could feel that they were disappointed. It was like being a lion in the arena and being totally alone in the dark.

Q. What are you doing next? Are you going to Roland Garros?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: No, I'm playing Strasbourg, defending champion. I just will try to keep on playing like this and try to learn this lesson, not to make the same mistakes again.

Q. Are you still comfortable with your game on the clay?


Q. What's the tension of your racquet?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Yes, it is less than hers. Mine is 25, 24.

Q. You went to the third round. Is that enough to go up in your ranking?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: No, it isn't, because the system has changed and you gain more points in Grand Slams as of quarterfinals, and you gain less in smaller tournaments in the first rounds. But, well, it's fine.

Q. If you had gone to quarterfinals...?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, no, would have been no big difference because Mauresmo was there, too. But it would have been much better. That's obvious.

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