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June 30, 2003

Silvia Farina Elia


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Congratulations with your win. It was a tight match?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: It was difficult match, a lot of the emotion today. And, you know, we had - both of us had a lot of chances to go to reach a quarterfinal, so that was why it was difficult match, you know, so... First time for me, so...

Q. Your first time. How does it feel?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Great (smiling).

Q. You have the hope of the whole Italian nation on your shoulders. Does it do something for you?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, no, I feel great - I mean, especially for me, but of course for the Italian generally, Italian tennis. But for me, special moment because is first time. Special moment because it's Wimbledon, that I didn't expect it to be -- to reach a quarterfinal here. So it's more important.

Q. So how come you did this on grass?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: How come, a lot of good matches, good wining, especially the big one against strong player. And, of course, I'm in good moment for me, good confidence, but I hope to do better again.

Q. You never won from Clijsters?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: No, but I always play tough matches, so of course -- I don't go on court just to be a loser.

Q. You're playing Kim Clijsters on one of the big courts, Centre Court or Court 1. Does it put all pressure on Clijsters, or is there a lot of pressure on you?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Is no pressure, you have just to play the match. I mean, is not -- you are not gonna die, you know? It's just a game. Of course important day, but, well, I hope to be on a show court because today was very terrible for both of us, you know? Like coming back and playing on no show court, was very difficult to play out there. So I hope to be on a good court. Italian, you know, fans can watch me, finally, and enjoy.

Q. It's very late now. Are you not too tired? Because tomorrow, another game.

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: No, I mean, as soon -- I am doing well. I'm not thinking about the -- I had two days to recover from last week, so I don't feel very tired.

Q. You made it tough on Clijsters the previous two matches. Is there a reason for that? Do you like playing her?

SILVIA FARINA ELIA: Well, I see, you know, today everybody's hitting hard the ball, and I'm trying to use more slice on this grass. So it helps a lot, especially when it's new balls. And of course she's another player, comparing last year. But, come on... We'll see (smiling).

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