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September 8, 1999

Nicolas Escude

U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, Flushing Meadows, New York

USTA: Questions for Nicolas.

Q. Could you tell us what it was like playing Andre, and what are the things that you most fear about him or make it so difficult to compete with him?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I think Andre is the best player at the moment on hard court. I play well. I play well the first set. He play better than me in the tiebreak. Make only the points, no mistake. Make good volley. After I had a problem with my physical. I was a little bit tired. I was a breakdown in the beginning of the second set. It was very difficult to come back. I think Andre is better than me.

Q. What is his biggest strength in terms of the way he hurts people? Is it his return of serve?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: He serve very well. When I have a breakpoint all the time, he make a good first serve. He make no mistake. He play quickly, play just where he need to play. For me, it was very difficult for me to play my game. I like to do what I want to do during the match, but not better than him.

Q. After playing Agassi and losing to him, how do you think he'll fare against Kafelnikov in the next round?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't know. I no see the match to Kafelnikov against Krajicek. I don't know how he play in this moment. I think Agassi can win the tournament because he play very, very well.

Q. Did you think you had a chance in the third game of the last set, maybe things would have changed?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Maybe. Maybe something can change. We don't know.

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