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July 4, 2001

Nicolas Escude


MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. What was the problem in the second set when you were treated, had the medical time-out?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: It was my leg. It was very stiff.

Q. The thigh?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Yeah. I prefer to call the physio.

Q. Did you sustain the injury when you fell, tried to make that running pass?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I felt this injury at the end of my match against Lleyton. I stretch on it, got massage on it. But during the tiebreak against Andre, on the backhand volley, I really feel it very hard. That's why I prefer to call the physio at the beginning of the second set. After, during the match, the more I play, it was no more power on this leg to push for serve, on the first serve. It was difficult.

Q. You were giving him fits to that point. What do you think turned the match in that favour?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I think it was not a good match today. I didn't play well. I was a little tired. My legs was very bad. I think Andre make lot of mistake on the return. So I think it was not a very good match today.

Q. How badly did it affect your level of performance, the problem with your left leg?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: On the first serve. When I hit the floor after serving, go to the net, I can't push on it , so I make my first volley one meter behind the day before. It was very difficult to play like this against Andre.

Q. Do you think the injury affected the results of the match?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't know. I can't say if I have no injury, I beat Andre. But for my game, yeah.

Q. Did he do anything differently?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: He served more on my forehand at deuce and on my backhand at the side of advantage. I think he was thinking I can't push on this leg. It was the same thing when we have to hit some ball from the baseline. I cannot run very fast, so...

Q. It was quite a lengthy treatment session you had. Did you at any point think of defaulting?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: No, no. I would like to try to do my best with this problem. After we can see. That's why I say, I think we don't play very good today. Andre didn't play his best tennis today. I was thinking all the time, "Come on, stay on the court, do your best, maybe you going to have your chance." But never, not default.

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