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March 24, 2004

Nicolas Escude


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What's wrong with your arm? What's the problem?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't know. I didn't see the doctor yet, so I don't know exactly what the problem is.

Q. What hurts?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Pain, big pain when I can take my racquet, just to keep it in my hand.

Q. It hurts in your elbow?


Q. Was that prior to this match, or was it during the match?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I feel this pain when I arrive here and I hit with the ball. The ball here are more heavy because there are more humidity. So I don't know. I don't know exactly what the problem is.

Q. Are you scheduled to have an X-ray, an MRI?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Yep. I'm gonna, when I coming back in France, gonna have a lot of exam for sure.

Q. Are you going back immediately?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: "Immediately," I don't know. I have to see my physiotherapist first and what he thinks about the pain because I was supposed to play doubles here and sign-in is Friday. But I don't know yet if I'm gonna play.

Q. When you first hear your first-round opponent is Goran Ivanisevic, what goes through your mind?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Nothing. All the rounds are difficult. Play Goran or another player is exactly the same thing.

Q. You don't think about the "Wimbledon champ" or "the guy with the massive serve"?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: No, it's tough to play all the players on the tour. So play Goran or all the other players are exactly the same thing.

Q. On which shot did you feel the injury most?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: During the match?

Q. Yes.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Yeah, I feel very hard the pain in the middle of the second set. It's gonna be more and more game after game. At the end of the match, you can serve first serve at 130, 140 kilometers, so it's...

Q. You seem to play better at 3-love down, second set, smashed your racquet, seemed like you came out and played really great the next three games?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I have to do something to coming back in the game. So I thought I'd try to crash my racquet.

Q. Usually it's Goran breaking his racquets.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Two crazy men on the courts (smiling).

Q. What did he have that hurt you today? It seemed like he was hitting a lot of balls.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't play my best tennis today. The first set I played very, very bad. But at the end of the match, I have matchpoint, so... That's tennis.

Q. Was your plan all along to charge the net a lot today? It seemed like you did.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: What do you mean?

Q. Net rushing, to charge the net pretty constantly.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: At the end of the match I tried to rush the net as soon as possible. I can't hit a lot of shot from the baseline because of my arm. So that's why I tried to rush at the net as soon as possible, yeah.

Q. What do you think of his serve?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: It's difficult to serve today with a lot of wind. So I can't say it's a very good match today. But for sure it was very difficult to play today. And to serve, we make lots of double-fault - even me, so...

Q. Does he have a deceptive serve?


Q. Is it different than when it was when you played him last? I think you played him two, three years ago.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I played him four, five years ago, I think, in Cincinnati maybe.

Q. Was it a lot different, a lot slower?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't remember. No, I don't think so.

End of FastScripts….

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