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September 2, 1993

Thomas Enqvist


Q. I wanted to find out how you were feeling yesterday and today. You were hitting before the match, after yesterday?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I was a little bit tired. I mean, my legs were shaking a little bit. But I was okay.

Q. Was that all it was yesterday? Did they tell you what it was?

THOMAS ENQVIST: It was-- I have been playing a lot of matches last week. I played Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, almost three hours everyday and it has been very hot weather. I haven't been eating and drinking--

RICHARD FINN: Could you tell us what happened yesterday. When did you get sick, was it on the court?

THOMAS ENQVIST: It was not on the court. When I was practicing I was feeling -- of course sore, my muscles. They always do that after five sets. I was feeling good. Then I took a massage and I just started get a little bit headache and I went down, told I don't recollect, my coach that I am not feeling well. He told me I should eat something and I should-- I was feeling very, very dizzy Saturday. Of course you get a little bit afraid of-- didn't know what it was. So I just lied down on the floor. Then I was laying in the first aid room for four hours and I got some food to drink; to rest a little bit. No big deal.

Q. They did not take to you a hospital or do anything like that?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, they just checked my heart at the hospital yesterday night, just because they wanted to be on the safe side. But it was nothing.

Q. I don't know the stat, I think it is 11 of 15 tournaments or something that you didn't get out of the first round. Then you won a tournament, then you come here and have a big upset. How do you explain that? Do you think you just get on a role?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I don't know. It is hard to explain because I mean you practicing all year very hard; you think every tournament you go to you think that now I am going to play good because now I have been practicing and I feel good; play good in practice; then you lose first rounds; then you lose next week first rounds. You get bad confidence after a while when you play matches. I mean, it is so hard to explain why you play bad or good because you try to play good every time.

Q. In your mind looking back at the year, do you think anything has to do with just getting used to the circuit, the pace and is it different, just going from juniors to--

THOMAS ENQVIST: It is different to go from juniors, but in the beginning it is -- every time you are travelling you think it is fun. After ten years you are pretty board to sit at the airport. Now it is fun.

Q. What do your parents do?

THOMAS ENQVIST: They work at -- my father is an engineer. My mother works with computers.

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