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November 21, 2003

Robert Allenby

Tim Clark

Ernie Els

Justin Leonard

Davis Love III

Mike Weir


Q. Talk about your day today. Obviously a good day with Mike.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, it was. It's always good having a partner like Mike. Makes it a lot easier for me, or anyone, whoever is playing with him. We combined really well. Whenever he was out of the hole, I was in the hole and whenever I was out of the hole, he was in the hole. And that's what it's all about.

We took our chances on a few holes and they came off but every time Mike -- Mike, he holed some great putts. I always hit it close enough to take the pressure off him so he could just give it a free run at it. It worked out really well.

You know, until the end, I guess the end result, it worked out really well. I guess we thought we had them all the way and it was just a matter of getting the pressure on them. Both played pretty solid.

Q. Going back to yesterday, your putt on 16, it was from the fringe, that was just a great momentum swinger that was do-or-die.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, if I miss, we lose. It's as simple as that. To get away with a halve at the end of the day was pretty awesome. If that putts misses, that's it. It's all over.

Q. And come Sunday, a half point is a lot.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Half a point, that's all you need at the end of the week. It's amazing that in the past, the matches that have gone to 17 and 18, more so to 18, we've lost over the years. And obviously with Ernie's match yesterday and then our match, we've turned a loss into a win and a half. So it's pretty good. It's nice that it's turned around for us.


Q. Two matches and you've got two wins. Talk about your play today along with Robert.

MIKE WEIR: It was a little ham and egg. We both played fairly well. I think in the middle of the round Robert hit some close shots. I was able to let me free up my putter a little bit and I was able to make some putts.

Q. Are you expecting to play this afternoon?

MIKE WEIR: Yeah, I'm going to play this afternoon with Vijay. I'm not sure who we are going to get. Looking forward to getting out there and trying to get another point.


Q. Just some general comments, you're 2-0 in two matches and obviously played well. Sounds like you and Kenny are playing well as partners.

DAVIS LOVE III: Kenny is playing well and I've got a lot of confidence in what he's doing. Even if I hit a bad shot, I know he's going to hit a good one. I made some good putts and hit some good shots when I needed to, but all in all, he played really good today and kept us in the match all the way.

Q. You're sitting this afternoon. Did you ask to sit so you would feel better this weekend, and that probably hopefully is the case?

DAVIS LOVE III: I need a break. Selfishly I would like to win five matches, but I know winning four is important. I think to be fresh. I needed to sit. Plus, I would like to see these guys that are chomping at bit get out there and play. I know I'm going to run out of gas on Sunday. If I need to play a big match on Sunday, I want to have plenty of reserve left.

I think it's the best for me. I told Jack to make the decision and so did a couple other guys like Jay Haas. Just, you decide, I'll sit or I'll play. I think it's best for me and I know that these guys are all anxious to get back out there and win, the guys that haven't won. I know Kenny is playing great. I certainly didn't want to go play and watch Kenny sit. I wanted him to play.

Q. You guys have gotten off to a pretty quick start in both matches more or less; that's got to be a good feeling for the rest of team to see the American flag up on the leaderboard early?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, like Phil and David, we're just trying to get whoever the first groups are to get out there and get out on the board. We did get down today but we felt like birdieing the first hole today, Kenny birdied the second hole yesterday, get us ahead and get a flag up there, and it gives me confidence when I see that we have matches ahead. So I want to try to do that as much as we can.


Q. Talk about the front nine today. You had four or five birdie putts from inside eight feet or ten feet.

TIM CLARK: Yeah, I started feeling my swing. I just guess I found myself good yardages, I could hit full shots which I needed to do to get the ball to stop, and I was getting the ball to stop which was probably my main concern this week. It worked out well. Like I say, I was swinging quite nicely.

Q. Nice to play with another South African in your home country, I'm sure.

TIM CLARK: Yeah, I pretty much felt comfortable right from the start. I had Ernie on my side we knew we would have a pretty tough match there. But he came in nicely on the back nine to help us out there and that gave us a pretty good cushion and we got to 5-up.


JUSTIN LEONARD: A little bit of a letdown but just trying to remind myself that I hit the ball the putting really well. I missed a couple of shots coming down the stretch. All in all it's still -- this is probably as good -- these first two matches as good as I've played in Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup.

Q. A little relief?

JUSTIN LEONARD: A lot of relief.


Q. Your thoughts on today's play, started off a little bit slow.

ERNIE ELS: Yeah, Tim started off with a birdie on the first and then he hit it stiff all day long. I only helped him three times. I guess 10 and 11, those two birdies I made there was big because we went from 3-up to 5-up and then Tim played well. He made a beautiful up-and-down birdie on 15 to keep us at 4-up, and then they just self-destructed on 15 when they hit it into the water.

I've got to give a lot of credit to Tim who played well. He kept it in play. He's going to be tough this afternoon. I think we've both got to lift our games and I'm looking forward to doing it.

End of FastScripts.

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