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September 22, 1995

Thomas Enqvist


Q. How comfortable were you with your debut playing Davis Cup?

THOMAS ENQVIST: It was good experience for me, I think, and I just think that Pete played too well today. When he is serving like he is doing today I mean, nobody is beating him in the world, so, I mean, Pete just played too good.

Q. Do you think you got off to a slow start?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, maybe a little bit, but I mean, he was serving unbelievable almost the whole match. I broke him in the third set two times, but I mean, otherwise he just served too good for me.

Q. Pete won the toss he chose to serve. Now it is your choice. You could have positioned him so you would have had to serve with the sun in his eyes. I wonder why you didn't? You chose the side where Pete was serving away from the sun. As it it turned out, first two times your serve was broken. You had the sun in your eyes. I wonder if you understand what I am trying to get at. I am asking why you chose to receive where you did.

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, 12 o'clock, the sun is up there, so the sun doesn't bother you at all on either side. So, to me, it doesn't matter, I think.

Q. Did the heat affect you at all?


Q. Did you feel a lot of pressure at 3-4 in the last set?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No. I don't think so. I mean, I just -- I tried to play the same way the whole match, I think, and when Pete is serving that well like he do today, he play a little more aggressive in my service games, so he put more pressure on you. That is what he did. I did some mistakes.

Q. Thomas, what was your coach telling you on the changeovers about returning Pete's second serve on the changeover? It seemed like in the third set you changed your position a little bit.

THOMAS ENQVIST: We didn't speak about that at all. I mean, Pete was serving huge second serves today and he served a lot of second serves really hard out to my forehand and that is very difficult to return that serve. Maybe as long as the match go, it is easier to return the second serve a little bit. I think I returned better in the last two sets.

Q. What was going through your mind when he doublefaulted twice on his matchpoints? What were you thinking?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, I just -- hopefully, I get something to hit on and he did too good serves and that was -- that is it. So I didn't think anything. I just tried to hang in there and do my best.

Q. Was there any way you could have won the match today given how he was serving?

THOMAS ENQVIST: It is hard to -- I mean, it is very hard to play when he is playing like he did because he doesn't get any rhythm at all. It is hard to find your own game a little bit, but I mean, I got two breakpoints there in the beginning of the fourth set and I mean, if you get those and you are up, maybe, you never know, but I tried tried my best the whole match. He was just too good.

Q. There were a lot of close line calls. Did that bother you at all?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, I mean, Pete is hitting a lot of the lines.

Q. Was the crowd better behaved than you imagined, than you had expected?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, I haven't played Davis Cup before and I think the crowd was very fair, yeah.

Q. Thomas, in summarizing your performance is there anything you could have done differently or would have done differently that could have gotten you the win?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, it is very hard to say, but if I should have a better chance, I should have put maybe a little bit more first serve in, so I could keep up with him a little bit more in the sets and go to 4-All and 5-All, hopefully and -- but no, I don't think so. I mean, he played aggressive and he served good and, yeah, no, I don't think so.

Q. Were you nervous at all in the match?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, I didn't think so. I was -- it was a lot of fun to play, but of course you want to win, and I stepped off on the court and thought that I could win and you are always a bit disappointed when you lose even if you lose to a better player.

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