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March 23, 1996

Thomas Enqvist


Q. Were you surprised by the groundstroke play today?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, I've seen him play a lot. I think he's a very tough opponent. I felt like he was playing really well. He was just too good.

Q. You missed the overhead in the game that you were broken in the second set. Was that a turning point or upsetting thing for you?

THOMAS ENQVIST: He was playing so good, I really had to take every opportunity I got. I did also a lot of double faults. When he was playing that well, you know, I was not supposed to help him. I mean, he was playing well and I did some very bad mistakes when I needed to win the point.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your year so far? I know you had a disappointing loss in Philadelphia.

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, it's always disappointing when you lose. You try to win every game you play. I mean, it's tough. You really have to play well to win every game. I've done some good matches this year and some less good. When you're not playing good, you're going to lose.

Q. Thomas, you do more work inside the service line, attack the net a little more to take the game to the next level. You seem to be very content sitting on the baseline.

THOMAS ENQVIST: I think when I'm playing well, I serve well, and I think today I returned well and I played good from the baseline. I broke him four or five times. Usually I serve pretty well. I usually lose my serve once or twice in the match at the most. If I start serving again, I'm sure I can win those kinds of matches.

Q. Was anything bothering you in terms of toss on your serve?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No. I just didn't serve.

Q. Did you get a warning from the chair umpire for lobbing that ball into the --

THOMAS ENQVIST: No. I hit the ball out of the court. That was right to give me one.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Thomas? Thank you.

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