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August 15, 1996

Thomas Enqvist


GREG SHARKO: Thomas's 7th ATP Tour quarterfinal of the season. It is his fourth quarterfinal here, five years here at the RCA Championships. Also lifts his career record here to 13 and 3. First question for Thomas.

Q. Maybe just talk a little bit about how -- you want more matches. You are feeling better just as each match goes along? You feel like you are just keep hitting a stride?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I think I am playing good when I play a lot of matches. So I need to play a lot of matches to get in good shape and lucky I am playing well now. I got a lot of matches last week and so far so good this week.

Q. What was going well for you today, what was � what was successful for you?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I think I played pretty consistent today; David was controlling the point. He played really fast and went for his shots. He played a couple of really good games, I mean, unbelievable games, and I was -- I think I played consistent. I played at the same level through the match and he was a little bit more up and down and that is why I won.

Q. What about going up against Todd Martin? What do you see for that as -- do you have a history with him?

THOMAS ENQVIST: He beat me two times and I beat him one time. Last time he won 6-4, 6-4 in Memphis. He is a tough player, Todd, and he has a huge serve. I know that I have to play really well to beat him, but I think I am hitting the ball good now, so I think I have a good chance.

Q. What reaction do you have to the situation last night with Andre Agassi?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I don't know. I didn't see it.

Q. Is there any added pressure to being the defending champion?

THOMAS ENQVIST: It is more fun, I think, to be -- a little bit pressure. It is always, I mean, you did well here last year, so you want to try to defend your points and to defend your championship, but it is more fun to go back to a place you have good memories for, so I enjoy it a lot.

Q. You are the top ranked Swedish player now. Following Borg, Wilander and Edberg, what kind of role do you see yourself being involved in based on what their reputation was?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I don't want to be compared with those players. I mean, they are way up from me, so I think I am just trying to improve my game and try to see how far I can go. I don't compare myself at all with Stefan and Mats and Borg, but compare with myself and hopefully I can improve and I can play well.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Thomas?

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