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September 2, 1996

Thomas Enqvist


Q. Just give us an idea of the match, Thomas.

THOMAS ENQVIST: I didn't serve that well, I think. That was the key. Muster, he played well. He didn't miss many balls. I tried to play aggressive. I did some good games, but I played a little bit too much up and down, I think. If I had served well, I think I have a better chance. The fourth set was very important, I had 5-3 and set point. In that game I did three double-faults. Against the No. 2 player in the world, I mean, you can't do that.

Q. One of the double-faults was on set point, wasn't it?


Q. What do you think about the chances of Muster against Agassi?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I don't know. Thomas is a very good player. He's tough. He doesn't miss many balls. I think he's improving his serve a lot. I think it will be a tough match.

Q. Is he the toughest guy to play against?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, I mean, it's different. So many good players on the Tour, so it's hard to say he was the toughest one. He's ranked No. 2 in the world, so he's one of the toughest.

Q. I mean in style of game, you have to run all the balls, not just a serve and volleyer?

THOMAS ENQVIST: That's the style he's playing. He's keeping the ball in play, fighting hard. Everybody wants to win, so.

Q. Would you want to see a Muster and Agassi play here Wednesday? Do you think it's going to be an exciting match?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I think it's going to be a good match, yeah.

Q. Exciting or good?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I don't know. I haven't thought about them playing each other too much.

Q. Do you have any thoughts about Stefan Edberg's final run through the tournament, leaving the Grand Slam arena now after all these years?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I think he's played two matches here, looking pretty good, I think, hitting the ball really. I think he has a good chance to continue to play well here. You never know how far he can go. He looks really good.

Q. Has he been a big influence on you, your career?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, a lot. He's one of the best players to ever play the game. I've been practicing with him. You learn a lot from him, so yeah.

Q. Would you like to see him in Prague for the Davis Cup?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, for sure.

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