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April 9, 2000

Jan Kukal

Slava Dosedel


Q. Slava, what are some of the positive experiences you're going to take away from this weekend? What are the positives that you'll take with you?


Q. Yes, positive.

SLAVA DOSEDEL: None. Only negatives.

Q. There seemed to be a little uncertainty in your serving. What did you do to correct that?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I didn't understand the question.

Q. There seemed to be a little uncertainty in your serving. What did you do to correct that?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Why do you think so?

Q. I know on a couple of rounds you, you know, when you threw the ball, you went to serve, you would stop instead of following through.

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I do it quite often because my toss is high and sometimes, like, if I don't feel the right toss, I stop the serving and try to serve better.

Q. Slava, it just seemed that Sampras' serve was unreturnable today. Did it seem that way to you; that he was serving exceptionally well? Was that the key to the game?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, of course he was serving really well, and I didn't find anything to stop him serving so good. So I just had to keep waiting until some of his (inaudible) are coming, but didn't came.

Q. After he suffered his injury, did it occur to you to try to make him move more, try maybe drop shots or whatever you could do to make him move more?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Actually, on the court I didn't recognize he had some kind of injury because for me, he looked like he was moving pretty well. So of course I tried to put him under the pressure, which is what we chose on my serve, but on his serve it was no chance.

Q. To the captain, how disappointing is this to you? Do you walk away from this weekend with your head high saying, "We played as well as we could," or do you kind of feel --

CAPTAIN JAN KUKAL: It's not disappointing at all. I think we gave our best and we wish the US Team to show the best they can. And I think if we really could not do more, if somebody would tell me that we might make two points here, then I would be very happy with it, you know. So it's only difficult today, you know, after we won doubles yesterday, I expected from my players a little bit more.

Q. Did Agassi and Sampras just simply play too well for both your players?

CAPTAIN JAN KUKAL: No. Jiri Novak proved that he can beat anybody, but not in three days. I think if he would beat No. 1 and 2 player, No. 1 double team in the world, he would go in history. I don't think this ever happened, and is not -- still not player fit enough to do that. We knew that he would have to win first set today, but he got -- after couple of very fast serves, he got very tired and his legs were very heavy, so he could not give his best. And Slava was playing his best tennis, but it was simply not enough for Pete. I think his serve was unreturnable for anyone today.

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