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September 9, 1998

Karol Kucera


Q. Do you think he played his best tennis tonight?

KAROL KUCERA: I don't know. But from my point, he was playing very good. He had very good tactic today. I had problems with the passing shots. I couldn't step good to the ball. And he was serving very good, as well, and I couldn't hold my serve as good as I should.

Q. That was the main difference between the Australian and tonight?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, I think so.

Q. Do you have any problem with your shoulder?

KAROL KUCERA: Not really, no, not during the match.

Q. Because Michael Stich said you had a problem with your shoulder on the TV.

KAROL KUCERA: My shoulder is a little bit tight, but I'm getting ultrasound every day, so it's fine. I didn't feel any pain today.

Q. Do you think that his chip and charge on your second serve made a lot of difference?

KAROL KUCERA: He was returning better than in Australia probably today. And also from the baseline, he was not doing any mistakes, you know, not too many.

Q. Did you feel that he was much more motivated than ever?

KAROL KUCERA: I don't think so. I think he had the same motivation as in Australia.

Q. Do you think you played as well as you played against Agassi? How do you compare?

KAROL KUCERA: That was other game, completely other game. I didn't have chance to play my game. He totally disturbed my game from the baseline. I didn't play well today. I didn't win any -- there wasn't any rallies today from the baseline. As I said, I couldn't pass him quite as good as I should.

Q. Will you consider him the favorite to win?


Q. Do you consider him the favorite to be the champion?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, of course. His serve is very tough. He's serving exactly to the lines, very hard. So that serve is tough to return.

Q. Were you upset by the weather conditions, the wind?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, it was tough for me to step good to the ball as I needed. It's tough to play exact point where you want.

Q. Which tactic had you established with Miloslav before the match?

KAROL KUCERA: I knew he would come more to the net today. I knew I had to pass him a lot of times, and I didn't today.

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