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October 3, 1998

Karol Kucera


Q. Karol, bad luck. Your physical condition at the end was not the best. Can you tell us when you first started to feel bad?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah. First I felt bad after first set, I think. And I got into the match with the winning of the second set. And then somehow I found it real strange not to play a big rallies, but I could run a few rallies.

Q. You actually felt tired by the start of the second set?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah. But the last set and I think from the point from 5-2 in the fourth set, it was real bad.

Q. Did you set out to overcome that by attacking more instead of containing and counterattacking?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, that's right. I was trying to keep the rallies as short as possible, you know.

Q. Were you surprised then how close you got to winning?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, I was pretty surprised (laughter).

Q. Could you have done anything different on those four match points, do you think?

KAROL KUCERA: It's tough to say. But I don't think so. I could hit some ace or something, you know. But I couldn't really run too much. All the MVPs was I think like two of them was rallies. One he hit a forehand winner return, so was no chance there.

Q. You played very well, but how do you feel about missing the chance at all that money?

KAROL KUCERA: Yeah, you know, that's only some money. So it would be worse if it would be like a Grand Slam semifinal or something, I think. I don't feel really bad about this result, so I'm not disappointing too much.

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