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September 2, 1993

Aaron Krickstein


Q. Aaron, for the past few weeks he was playing basically on clay. And he just came back, that was just before the Open. Were you surprised how good he is playing?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Well, maybe a little bit. I think he is a good competitor and he works hard, and he has played well on hard courts before so it is not like he is like some other Europeans who have a lot of trouble adjusting. I think his game is pretty good for hard courts. It is kind of a tough match up for me. He hits the ball pretty hard and a lot of my shots going to his strengths, so he is able to move me around, vice versa. So you know, it is a tough match up to then.

Q. The way he was hitting the ball so hard so consistently, it didn't seem to allow you to get into a rhythm. All of a sudden every now and then he would mix in a little drop shot or some other slow stuff just to keep you off balance. How tough was it facing his --

AARON KRICKSTEIN: I think I never broke serve. I mean, when you don't even have a breakpoint, you are not really even in the match, so it is frustrating. I got to 30; that is as far as I got in the serve. I think he got an extraordinary amount of first serves in, and I think that was the difference. I didn't expect him to serve that well, and you know he won a lot more points on his serve than I did. I wasn't really expecting that. So he was getting some short balls where I was having to work a lot harder on my service games.

Q. Has he ever played that well before against you, you have played him several times?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah, beat me pretty bad in Monte Carlo last year in the finals. I thought I was hitting the ball well then. I thought I was hitting the ball pretty good today, and you know, he can take some of my strengths away from me. Like I said, I didn't expect him to serve that well, and I would have had to be a little bit more aggressive myself and maybe gotten somewhat of a lead. I was always behind, so I was always struggling to find ways to win points.

Q. Did you ever feel like you talked about being behind all the time? Did you ever feel like maybe you were getting an edge and getting able to catch up to his serve? Did you ever have a feeling that you might get there?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah, little bit. I mean, I would have never thought I would not break his serve in the match. Three-set match, at least, but yeah, I mean, I was starting to play little bit better on the return games at the end, but I just wasn't getting ahead in the games. I was always behind, 15-Love, 30-15. I was never a point or two ahead to put some pressure on his serve. And he was dictating and playing pretty aggressive and he wasn't making too many errors. So I think that gave his serve maybe some more confidence.

Q. You see him maybe coming through that quarter now?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Possibly. I think he is hitting the ball well. He has obviously won a lot of matches in a row. He has got a lot of confidence, and I think even though he is known as a clay court player, I think he can play pretty well on a hard surface, if he serves that well, I think he is tough to beat. I think a guy is going to have to come in a lot to beat him.

Q. Thank you.

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