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August 30, 1994

Aaron Krickstein


Q. Is it kind of a strange feeling to be out of an Open in the first round when this has been a place that you've been usually successful at for many years?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah. I mean, definitely, it's the first time ever here out in the second or third in any Grand Slam. So for any player to consider themselves a top player, I don't think likes to go out the first round, but when you're not seeded these things happen, you could play a top guy right off the bat. I've had some pretty good luck here in years that I haven't been seeded. As far as seeds losing or me upsetting or maybe lower one or not having to play one quite so early so I was a little bit unfortunate with the draw. But, you know, those things happen.

Q. Was that vintage Courier?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah, I felt he played pretty good in spurts. He missed some shots, but, you know, he was talking about he was burned out, he lost matches this summer and guys are playing well and the depth in tennis is pretty strong right now and if you're not mentally at the top of your game like he said he wasn't, then he's going to get beat. But I figured it is a Grand Slam and this is what the top guys play for and I figured he'd be ready on his game. I had my chances in the second set and unfortunately he came up with some good shots and I didn't convert them.

Q. I know you spoke a little bit about the draw, what were your thoughts when you saw the draw considering what Jim had said a couple weeks ago?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Well, I mean, again, I didn't really listen to anything he said because I knew he'd be here even though he talked about not playing and retiring and all that crap, I didn't think anything of it. I knew he'd go home and he'd be back practicing in two days. It wasn't the end of the year where he's going to take off. He wants to win the tournament, he's not going to take off the week before. But, I mean, I knew it was a tough match, great if you win, it's tough if you lose, but it was an opportunity. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but, he's not a bad player.

Q. Do you have a feeling that because of everything he said regarding this you are particularly vulnerable?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: No, I mean I know Jim, we played some pretty good matches and in an atmosphere like this he's not going to go out in a Grand Slam and not try his best or not, like he says, be into it or have the fire that the top guys would have in the Slam. If he didn't feel like he was going to, he wouldn't have showed up. And if he decided -- once he decided to play I felt like he was going to be ready to play.

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