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August 28, 1995

Aaron Krickstein


Q. Let me ask sort of a nontennis, per se question, but out on court 18, where you were playing, the guys on the front row, particularly the guy pitching for a suntan, are those the kinds of fans that make the tennis players -- is that an example of a rowdy New York fan?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Probably. You don't see that too often during the year. Most people don't bother me at all when I am playing. He was getting a little loud. I have never really experienced it here as many years as I have played, something like that. In the front row, on outside court, there, where he is making a lot of noise, even the guys behind the fence were pretty loud today. It was a little bit unusual. But you can't not expect it here. You have to expect anything and just try and concentrate and do the best you can. And not think about what anyone is saying or doing to you. I can't go over there and strangle the guy.

Q. But you wanted to?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Well - thought about it.

Q. Did that contribute -- there seemed to be ups and downs on both sides, his and yours. Particularly in the fourth set you were up 4-Love; all of a sudden...

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Fifth set. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think some, I think it was pretty good quality match all the way through. Had some ups and downs but I let a few things bother me. I think I had lost my concentration slightly there in the fourth set which hurt me, but other than that, I thought it was a well played tennis match and I had to hit the ball pretty well to win, so I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Q. And you are back to your lucky Yonnex. I saw a Wilson in your hand at Wimbledon.

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah, I haven't been playing too well with that. So I had figured I would go back to my Australian Open racket.

Q. And overall, how do you think you are playing?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Yeah, I think improving pretty well. I feel physically strong at the moment. And who knows, we will see. I have had some good tournaments here in the past, so I feel pretty comfortable in this atmosphere and playing here, so we will take it one match at a time. I think I can win some matches.

Q. When you come here, do you think about what has gone on in the past or do you pretty much just try and concentrate on the here and now?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: You try and concentrate, I think, on the present, but also, it is hard not to. I have had so many big matches here; won a few; lost a few. It is hard to forget everything, so I think it plays on your mind a little bit. I think mostly for me, the good comes out of it, had a lot of good success here. I think it helps me every year I come back.

Q. Aaron, I don't know if you were asked this, you are sort of the five-set king here. I mean, is that something you would just you rather just get it over with quicker or do you kind of relish this or ...

AARON KRICKSTEIN: No, I mean, maybe when it comes to a fifth set I know my record, but I definitely don't try and play three, four hours and let it go down to a fifth set. Just so happens best of five, sometimes, I maybe don't play great for three consecutive sets and it definitely hurts me. I don't feel like my body wants to play that long the way I play. It is tough on me, but sometimes I play my best matches in the five-setters, so...

Q. If you could take it on from there if you could give any advice to the average weekend player on how to come back when they are really down in a match, what would you say?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Well, I think couple of parts. One, you have to be fit enough and feel you can come back. I never really feel -- I am ever tired where I can't put out the effort or feel good enough about myself, and also it's a confidence thing. I always feel that at any time I can raise the level of my game and play my best tennis, especially towards the end of matches, so I think that is why I have such a good record and just got to believe in yourself, I think that is the bottom line and you can come back.

Q. No matter the score?


Q. Do you feel your concentration click into a final gear when that fifth set starts? Do you sort of have a quiet extra focus and somehow it clicks in for you; do you feel something like that?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: A little bit. Like I said, I am well aware of my record and how I have done in five-setters. I think a lot of people are as well, so kind of works both ways and for me, I was one set left and usually after three, four hours on the court, I feel like if I have gotten the player that far; then I am going to be in better shape than he is and more physically fit, so I tend to bear down and seem to play some of my best tennis at the end.

Q. Can can you feel the other person knowing that you are so good in the fifth set getting tight towards the end of the fourth?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: I don't know about that. I wouldn't think so. But maybe a little bit. I think everyone probably felt that way except Connors back in '91. He is probably the only one who felt that he was going to win.

Q. I mean, you raise that on days when you are just sitting around, do you still think about that?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: Oh, yeah, definitely. I mean, since that match, I was out the year after and the last two years had some tough draws; lost early to Muster and Courier, so I haven't played many matches since that match, and yeah, it was a tough one, definitely, to swallow, still think about it a lot, or get reminded of it quite often.

Q. Could I just ask you one thing totally off the subject. What do you think about the Monica Seles and the hype about her comeback?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: I think it is good for the ladies' game. I think that they need as many good players and as they can get. I think that someone who plays at her level can only help the competition in their game, so I think it is great that she is here.

Q. Do you think that she can win?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: I think. Judging on the way that she won in Toronto, even though it is not a Grand Slam, I think she is obviously in pretty good form and pretty good favorite to win.

Q. When do you play again?

AARON KRICKSTEIN: I think Wednesday night.

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