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November 18, 1992

Stefan Edberg


Q. Were you impressed by the way that Sampras was playing tonight?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think the match was very similar to what it was at the Open, where Pete came out and played great tennis in the first set. There wasn't much I could do. I lost my serve once, and, apart from that, he was just serving too big. There wasn't that many rallies. But once the second set got going, I had a few chances but I worked my way into it and I broke him, and I won the second set and then the third set was down a break; came back, and it was actually some good tennis, I thought, from the middle of the second set, you know, all the way through. It is just -- I feel like I played a bad game at 5-6, that is all I can say. But apart from, that it was a good match.

Q. Do you have the feeling that it was easy for him to return your serve? I mean, he was running much more than he was capable to do against Becker.

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, that is true. I think -- I mean, obviously Becker serves better than I do. He serves a lot harder and that is the difference. You know, he has always got a chance on my second serve, and I didn't make enough first serves. I felt, especially, towards the end too. But, that is the way it goes. I have to work a little bit more for my points.

Q. Does a defeat like this one somehow creating problems to your mood?

STEFAN EDBERG: I hang in there. I played good tennis today. There is no doubt about that. But there is just one thing, I played one bad game towards the end, that is the only thing that I feel is sad about tonight. It would have been nice to get to a tiebreaker and then may the best man win, because anything can happen in a tiebreaker. But apart from that, you know, I am still in contention, and I am playing good tennis. I just got to stay positive, because it is not all over yet.

Q. You were struggling in the second set because you won the second set, but you had two breakpoints --


Q. -- Which means that-- I mean, he was always a bit ahead of you.

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, but the thing is, I hang in there; exactly like I did at the Open. He was in front all the time and I was just staying with him. Okay, I lost the serve early in the third set, but I managed to get back level with him. All I needed was to stay a little bit longer; then a tiebreaker and things can happen, but that is the way it is. He is tough, when he is playing well, you know, he has got a big serve. You are not going to get too many opportunities to break him. They come once in awhile. That is what you need to take advantage of.

Q. How do you want to beat Becker now? It is important to win.

STEFAN EDBERG: Like I said, every match is important here, and possibly you know, I have to win in order to get into the semifinals, but that is the way it should be.

Q. Are you scared of the crowd here?

STEFAN EDBERG: No. I don't think -- I think it is -- so far I think it has been a very good crowd here. I think you know, okay, they are patriotic here, but that is quite normal. I think they behave very well. They have done so far, so I don't think that would be a major problem.

Q. How good are your chances to reach the semis?

STEFAN EDBERG: My chances?

Q. Yes.


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