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December 9, 1992

Stefan Edberg


Q. Stefan, are you very disappointed or do you feel like you played in a really good match?

STEFAN EDBERG: What can I say? I did what I could, and I felt that I played pretty good today. I didn't play badly at all. It was a very tight match and he came up with a little bit better shots to -- he had a little bit of luck, net cord here and there. That really made the difference. Apart from that, there is nothing really else to say. I felt really good.

Q. A few players have complained about the speed of the surface here. Would you agree with that? Would you like to see something slower?

STEFAN EDBERG: It is is a bit quick, but that is the way it is because I think they have used the same court for a couple of years. It's a little bit fast for playing indoors, I think. But it is not a bad court. It just could be a little bit slower.

Q. How do you assess the end of your season? Usually you have better results than that. What was the problem or --

STEFAN EDBERG: It hasn't really been a problem but I probably had the toughest year in my career because I played more tennis this year than any year, and you know, I played pretty much non-stop since this spring because I had the Olympics in the middle of the summer where I normally take a break. Then I played all the way through in America. Had a couple of days off; had to go and play Davis Cup, and then in order to try to get number one, I went to the Far East and I played pretty much non-stop, and it has been really, really tough because I have been pushing myself and pushing myself, and so I haven't really been playing that great this fall, but you can't really expect that when you played as much as I have, and after the ATP Finals I actually took a break, complete break for ten days where I didn't do anything, and then that has actually done me a lot of good. I am actually feeling a lot better now, body-wise, and in my mind than I have done for a couple of months. I will have some more time off now before we start a new year, so by the time January comes, things should start to look better again.

Q. Stefan, how are you preparing for the Australian Open?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, now it is -- I sort of-- I have had some time off now and I just got to have to rest a bit and build myself up, and so I am sort of fresh when I start the new year, so it is sort of a little bit a mixture of rest and doing a little bit of work too.

Q. Where are you going to play?

STEFAN EDBERG: I am starting in Qatar, starts the 4th of January. Then I am playing Rio Challenge, the week before the Australia Open, so I will have enough matches going into that.

Q. End of this year, what is your appreciation about the tennis circuit in general terms and is the Swedish model finished as some people say in Germany?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, if we start with Swedish tennis, I don't think it it is too bad at the moment because we still got a lot of good players but you cannot expect to have considerably small country like Sweden with 8 million people having sort of three, four players in the top 10 like we did have in the '80's. It has to end somewhere and we sort of a little bit -- while we have quite a few players in the top 100 and we have got one in the top 10 and that is not so bad, but it is not coming forward as much as it did before. But it can all change again. I think the third question was about the tennis season. I think it's a bit tired at the moment, but it is-- just looking at it, I think Christmas is coming up so I am sort of looking forward to a new year to start a new year, get down to Australia, get down to the sun, and that is what I am looking forward to.

Q. Your opinion about the other players, the whole season, development of the young force?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, there are some young players, not really young but you got guys like Sampras, Ivanisevic, Courier, like three, four, five years younger than I am, and they are sort of coming very strong this year. But as you know, it is going to start a new year now and a lot of things can happen.

Q. If you had one goal to pick for the next season, what would it be?

STEFAN EDBERG: Have a guess? .

Q. No.

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, my goal is always to win one Grand Slam each year. If I can do that, I have had a good season.

Q. Which one would you choose?

STEFAN EDBERG: French Open would be my pick if I had to pick one, but it it is the tough one for me to win. But, I will pick any of those four.

Q. John McEnroe said No. 1 should be a dream that should never be fulfilled. What do you think about this, being No. 2?

STEFAN EDBERG: No. 2 is not so bad after all. It is next to No. 1, but I mean, to me, No. 1 is sort of very special to me anyway. That, I have to say.

Q. Do you think you might one day make it to the No. 1 again?

STEFAN EDBERG: I definitely have a chance next year, so there is still some good tennis left in me.

Q. Did you have time to see anything of Munich during these days and, if so, did you like it?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, it's going to be a very short -- I have seen the hotel and I have seen the tennis court.

Q. Thank you.

STEFAN EDBERG: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. (APPLAUSE.)

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