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September 2, 1999

Richard Krajicek


Q. With Rafter and Sampras being out now, does that change your mentality? Does it make everybody feel like they can get to the final now? What does that do for you and everybody else?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: I think for the half that changed something because they were both in the top half. For me, it hasn't changed too much. It's not like I'm outside title contender and I'm so happy I'm not meeting any of these two guys in the final. I'm worried about my game and worried about winning the next round. So when I get to the final, if I ever get to the final, then maybe I'm happy those two guys are not in the draw anymore. But until that moment, I'm just going to worry about my next match. But for the top half it has certainly opened up for a couple of players. You've got Rusedski there who knows he's been in the finals before. A couple of guys who are not too unhappy what happened, I guess.

Q. Playing today, was there any sense going in, revenge from Wimbledon? Was there a revenge factor?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: No it was more a cautious factor. I knew that I could play well, and I knew I had to be sharp and really go for his serves. I start off very sharp and I broke him straightaway, and I think that set the tone for the match. I was taking my chances, and he hit a couple, a lot less than me, and he didn't take them. So that was the difference. I was very sharp and when I had my chances, I took them, and he was basically trailing the whole match. In Wimbledon, I was a set down before I knew it, and I lost second set on top of that, so I was the one who was trailing. I think I just started off a little bit more aggressive than I did in Wimbledon.

Q. After the victory today, and having, you know, played on this surface and been so effective, how do you feel about your chances?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: Well, I have to say today was better today. I haven't played so well lately. But if I can continue like this and get more confidence every match, then, yeah, I'm feeling very good. But at the moment, I have to look at my next match. My next opponent maybe is going to be Dutch guy and I have to play well to beat him. If I keep winning, of course, which is very important. But then every match I play, I think I'm going to be more and more confident and make I'm a couple matches away from feeling very good and maybe being in top four. But compared to today and Monday, it was really a big difference. I hopefully next match is going to be same, positive difference, and I'm really looking pretty good.

Q. How does this Slam compare to the others for you?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: It's pretty interesting one. It's a surface I like and balls are quick, very quick. But it's my worst Slam. I've never made the semifinals, and the other ones I've made semifinals or better. I'd really like to do good here. I really felt I've underachieved here so far I've played here. I hope I can perform better.

Q. Thank you.


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