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September 6, 1999

Richard Krajicek


USTA: Questions for Richard.

Q. Tremendous serving. When you're serving like that, can anybody touch your game?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: I don't know. I was serving very good. He was somehow not trying to adjust to it. I was serving a lot out wide. My coach told me before the match that's the place to go against him. I just won a lot of free points. If I serve such a high percentage first serve, it's very difficult to break me.

Q. How much was the French Open match on your mind?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: In a way, I didn't try to think about it too much. Yeah, it's the last time we played. He really beat me badly there. I had no chance. You just don't want to lose twice to the same guy in a Slam in one year. That really made me sharp from the beginning.

Q. Do you draw some motivation from getting beaten that badly?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: Yeah, I think so. It's not nice. With my serve, it doesn't happen too often that I have no chance. I always have the feeling I'm in the match. You'd have to play very bad or the guy has to play really good, which I think is what happened in the French, I didn't play that good. But I thought he was hitting all the passes, hitting all the returns. At no moment I had a chance to win even one set. That's very frustrating. Yeah, it motivates you for the next match. I'm happy the next match wasn't on clay.

Q. Last year you beat Kafelnikov outdoors, indoors, two or three different surfaces. Do you feel you should be favored going into this match?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: Yeah. Maybe the same thing happens what happens to me, he's sharp because he lost the last time to me. Last year I think he wasn't playing very good tennis. I mean, at the end of the year we played a very good final in Stuttgart. He was starting to play better. I played very good there also. I don't know if I'm favored. I mean, he obviously has a year than me so far. He's playing good. He's confident. Finals in Washington, semifinals or finals in Montreal. He's had a pretty good hard court summer. I'm happy after six months to be making results again. It gives me confidence also. I think we both going to play this match -- going into this match with a pretty good and confident feeling.

Q. He may have sharper eyes for returning serve, but Kafelnikov has the bigger wingspan. Who is the tougher service return and do you serve to him differently?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: I think I serve so much wide that Kafelnikov is just going to sit on the wide serve, that he's going to figure it out a little bit sooner. I think Vincent just didn't want to - I don't know - change his position on the court. I cannot rely on winning so many points in one space. I think I'm just going to mix it up more. I think Yevgeny, yeah, is going to get more returns back. I think when they get on the ball, I think Vincent has a better service return. I think Yevgeny covers the court better. I have to mix it up a lot, maybe hit some harder serves also, so maybe I'm going to get less percentage in, I don't know. Mixing it up is going to be a big key.

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