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December 9, 1993

Stefan Edberg


Q. Could you say a few words on how you felt about your match today.

STEFAN EDBERG: I felt good about the match. First set, I thought I had the first set, and maybe I should have won the first set, but somehow he managed to win the first set. But after that, it was a one-way track, so I started to feel the ball a lot better. Started doing the right thing. I think he lost the timing on all his shots, and I could take advantage of that.

Q. How confident do you feel about facing Michael Stich tomorrow?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, we played quite a few times this fall and, we have -- he has won most of the time. I didn't beat him the last time in Paris. I feel pretty good going into Saturday's match against Michael. I believe if I play the same way I have played today and I have done in the last couple of weeks, I have got a good chance against him. At the same time, Michael is playing some great tennis at the moment, so for me it is quite exciting.

Q. Stefan, what would be your program from here in relation to the Australian Open?

STEFAN EDBERG: I am going to spend, after here, two weeks in Sweden. I will spend Christmas there. And I will go to Qatar probably nearly a week early before the tournament starts in order to try to get some sunshine and try to prepare for Qatar, and that, of course, is one of the tournaments which is preparing me for the Australian Open, and I am playing in the Rio Challenge as usual, so I am starting -- maybe I have a few days off after here, and then I start working for the Australian Open.

Q. You said the other day that you would need to improve five to ten percent next year. Is there any specific area?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, I think if I can get my serve going a little bit better, I think that would solve the problem, because the serve has always been the key in my game. If I serve well, I play well. If I don't serve that well, I am not playing that well. So that is really the key factor.

Q. How do you, in effect, correct that service, actually; is it something technical or can someone look at it --

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, it is to find the rhythm, find my confidence on the serve. And, actually, playing the matches here this week will help tremendously. And that is just a matter of working, spending more time with the serve in order to get more consistency into the serve. I am serving well, quite well, at the moment, but it still can be just a little bit better, and I think if I can crack that problem, I will be okay.

Q. Since you played Michael last year at the Compaq Grand Slam Cup, could you describe what you think about his play and about the way he plays right now.

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, I think Michael last year had a tough year after winning Wimbledon - was it -- '91; he wasn't playing that well last year. And I think the change came here last year, at this time, and -- where he beat me in the first round where I had him 4-1 and a break, and he won the tournament here. He went on to play in Australia, and that probably was a confidence-booster, what he needed, and I think he probably worked a little bit harder this year and put in more time on the court. He has always been a great talent, and he has really shown some great tennis in the past weeks here, and he deserves the success that he has had this year. Hopefully he can play a little bit better in the Grand Slams next year. That is where he needs to improve.

Q. How do you feel physically? Do you feel a tiring season or what about there tournament, is it an opportunity for you to show how you can play or do you feel tired after the season?

STEFAN EDBERG: I don't feel too tired this year because basically I haven't played that much tennis this fall. Since the U.S. Open I have had a few more weeks than I normally would do. Normally by this time I am really tired. This year, it is very different, where I am feeling quite fresh actually and this is a great opportunity for me to get back on track. I am playing good tennis again. So it is very different this year and I can leave 1993 behind me and look forward for next year.

Q. Thank you.

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