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November 16, 1994

Stefan Edberg


Q. Stefan, could you sense that it wasn't going to be the average match with Goran?

STEFAN EDBERG: I mean, yeah, sometimes when you play Goran -- I played him a lot of times. Sometimes when he gets his serve going he is a very, very difficult player, but he made a lot of errors today, I thought. He didn't serve very well, and I took the opportunity today and I played my tennis; didn't make many mistakes and that was pretty much it. I thought about the match. It went very, very quick.

Q. Are you playing in this tournament with fewer expectations given that you came in No. 8?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, I can play pretty loose here. I came in here as the last one to qualify. I am happy to be here and I feel if I am playing my tennis; if I am playing relaxed, you know, I have a chance here, as well as anybody else.

Q. You look pretty strong in practice already?

STEFAN EDBERG: I felt quite good the last two days. I mean, obviously I felt terrible last week getting sick, and I had to stay in bed for a couple of days, but sometimes when you have been sick and suddenly you start feeling healthy again, you get a little bit of a kick-in and that is what I feel.

Q. So Stefan you haven't done any special preparation for this tournament, what a difference than two years ago?

STEFAN EDBERG: No, I have stayed in bed. That has been the preparation. I mean, I have played a lot of tennis and I played -- this is my 6th week in a row where I am playing. I wasn't supposed to play last week, but I really had to in order to make this week so it has been a lot of tennis.

Q. Coming back from the Love-40, you figured that nailed him?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, I think that was a very important stage of the match because I was in total control up 'til then and I played, you know, he played a good point. I played a couple of dodgey points and suddenly I was down Love-40, but, you know, then I hit some good serves and suddenly it was back to deuce, and once I got over that game, he never really had a chance after that. That was really the only chance he had to get back into the match. So it was a very crucial, you know, time of the match.

Q. Seems everybody is asking about this Berasategui thing. What is your opinion about it?

STEFAN EDBERG: I have said so, you know, he has qualified here. He has done what he had to do that is playing well on the clay and he took his opportunities; well done to him, I think. But on the other hand, you know, it is always a questionmark where you have somebody having their best 14 results only on clay and haven't won any other matches on any other surface, but everything is possible and, you know, he came through the system, so well done.

Q. A lot of players are complaining about the balls. What is your opinion about them?

STEFAN EDBERG: The best balls I played with. They have been a little bit inconsistent in practice, but the balls we were playing with tonight were beautiful.

Q. When was the last time you played so well?

STEFAN EDBERG: I played as well in Hong Kong, the exhibition that I did win, and that was only a couple of weeks ago, and if I can play relaxed and play the way that I did play tonight, then I got a good chance tomorrow as well.

Q. Stefan, griping about balls and surfaces and fans seems to be a weekly occurrence. I mean, do you get tired of that or do you agree with much of it?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, we have to discuss something and it is a lot of things up in the air at the moment, and of course you take part of it because it is part of tennis. There is a lot of issues that we are discussing at the moment because very much because of an article in Sports Illustrated earlier this year which created a wave of questions about tennis and we have to try to answer some of them and that is what is happening.

Q. Stefan, what do you think of the new rule of the ATP this year which said that if a player cannot play the alternate will take his place?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, I think it is good that you have somebody in order to take their place here if something happens and I am not quite sure what does happen because I am not quite familiar with the rule because it is a new one, but why not.

Q. But did the ATP ask you your opinion?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, yeah they did. They asked everybody their opinion. I said my opinion and probably they drew the conclusion from what everybody said and what was in the biggest favor from the players. That is what happened.

Q. Are we going to see some major change coming in at the end of this week and months ahead from the ATP?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, there are things we are discussing. I think we are going to see some changes because I think we need to make some changes and I think in the next couple of months, I am sure you will hear something about some changes that will take place very soon. I am sure about that.

Q. Who is discussing it and when is it being discussed?

STEFAN EDBERG: Players discussions; we are talking about the ATP Tour representatives and there are quite a few issues which are under discussions and what it is, you have to guess, but you will know soon, I am sure.

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