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April 18, 1994

Ronald Agenor


Q. Do you think that was the right policy to play and wait for the opponent to make the mistake?

RONALD AGENOR: In fact, it is not obvious when you play against the best players to adjust the tactic and wait for the mistake. It is not because I was going to play on his forehand that he was going to make a mistake. It is a lot more complicated than that.

Q. Is Ronald thinking about it?


Q. So what is your feeling after that match; is it enraging?

RONALD AGENOR: It is. In the third set I had every occasion possible to win the match, but you must be positive and draw the lessons from it.

Q. Do you have any reproach to make to yourself on those matchpoints?

RONALD AGENOR: I had the feeling that on those three matchpoints, he was the one who attacked. He went twice to the net and I didn't hit my passings strong enough, but everything is forgotten now.

Q. In Nice, you also had a matchpoint against Rosset?

RONALD AGENOR: I wouldn't like this kind of thing to happen a third time. This would mean I have a problem in my head and I prefer to have problems in my game than in my mind, so we have to draw the lessons and be positive.

Q. What positive things do you draw from Barcelona, Nice and now, Monte Carlo?

RONALD AGENOR: That I can compete with the 15 best players. I have the potential to become top 15, but each week is different and you must question yourself every week and try to last the whole year. My program is now Madrid, Rome, and Paris.

Q. Were you tired at the end of the match?

RONALD AGENOR: This week I had many physical problems for recuperating. I am not at the top level physically, but at the end I felt a bit tired. I still have the rest of the week to prepare for Madrid.

Q. About the four matchpoints, how do you feel about the way he played those or the way Goran played them?

RONALD AGENOR: Really -- I am not thinking about the match anymore. For me it is over. It is finished.

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