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August 7, 1996

Stefan Edberg


Q. Talk about the heat and how it affected you.

STEFAN EDBERG: I think the heat beat me today. It was very hot and I think especially playing on grandstand because it is sort of down below ground so much. But it is hot for both of us. I just didn't cope so well with it today and it is a tough battle out there and it -- when it is as hot as this, it is just -- it comes down to just trying to get through it somehow and -- but I still was close to winning the match even if I didn't feel very good and I got up 4-Love in the third, but wasn't quite enough.

Q. Was there a point maybe after you lost the second set or whatever that you kind of said, oh, you know --

STEFAN EDBERG: There is a lot -- the thing is sometimes you get so hot, you don't know where you are going to go and there is no where to go, but I have been through these experiences before and because it goes in sort of waves. You feel good for a little while; then it hits you and then suddenly you feel better again and then it hits you again, so it goes up and down.

Q. Michael said when he was sitting in the locker room he said players looked like they were went through a war. Does that go through your mind?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah. I knew it was going to be hot because I didn't feel very good yesterday either. You know, it is tough. It is tough mentally going out there. You just have to just handle it as well as you can, but when it is hot like this, it is not tennis out there. It is a different ballgame.

Q. Survival?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, it is. It is -- just got to guts it out and hopefully you get on to a good round, and --

Q. When you see that many people being affected by it, is there a point where they should say that they shouldn't play when it gets that hot or wait 'til later when it cools down?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, but where do you set the limit? It is not very healthy being out there today whether you are a top trained athlete or whether you are not. But it is hard to set up any rules for it. But it wouldn't be such a bad idea, but I don't know. It is worth discussing.

Q. Mentally at this stage of your final year, is it harder to deal with it, though?

STEFAN EDBERG: It has always been tough with the heat. I usually cope pretty well with the heat. My biggest problem is the humidity because I tend to sweat a lot and I lose a lot of fluid, probably more than an average player, but it is really the first week I am playing under this humidity. I did play in L.A. last week, but it is totally different. You can train for it. You get used to it, but the tough thing with the heat is, you know, when you have to come back day after day after day, it is all right, you play one match and you have a day off or it gets cooler the next day, but when you play one day after another, that is when it is really tough.

Q. Do you regret now having to go out go out in doubles?

STEFAN EDBERG: It won't be that bad, 6 o'clock. It will still be very warm. Playing doubles is very different. It is not physically so demanding like playing singles, so we will see.

Q. How did you feel your level of play was aside from the heat?

STEFAN EDBERG: It was okay. I mean, I just -- it was okay, I thought. It is just -- when it is hot, you just lose your speed and all, you know, you sort of have to pace yourself and if you don't have the legs, it is hard to hit the ball, but overall, it wasn't so bad. I didn't play badly. And, you know, I just ran out of speed and he played very well at the end and I just couldn't finish off the points.

Q. Is it true that someone said that you didn't even carry your bag at the end?

STEFAN EDBERG: He offered to take it. I said yes, just go ahead (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER).

Q. Did you feel you could carry it?

STEFAN EDBERG: Oh, yes. Wasn't so bad.

Q. Is it easier for you to accept a loss like that because of the heat; you figured it wasn't just me; it was the heat that got me?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, it actually was the heat that got me. It was nothing else. I haven't thought about it. I just don't know how I lost it being out there so long, but what can you do.

Q. During farewell Tour, do losses, I guess, in the early rounds like this, I guess it is still pretty early; does that bug you since you won't get another shot at it?

STEFAN EDBERG: No, not really. Today is fine. Okay, it was a loss, but it was more losing against the heat today, I thought, because the tennis was there, but my legs weren't there. That is the difference, but I don't know, I just haven't felt great this week. I felt good in L.A.. I don't know, maybe it is sort of good. Maybe I will be fresh for next week, hopefully, and for the weeks after that. So it is not the end of the world. Maybe I can stick around in doubles this week, it won't be too bad.

Q. Can you comment on the crowd? They had the presentation for you and they have been behind you. Is it like this always on the Tour?

STEFAN EDBERG: Pretty much, yes. It is nice.

Q. Do you ever wonder -- you have always been pretty well accepted, I guess, in your career, but not like this. I mean, do you wonder where they were earlier in your career?

STEFAN EDBERG: No, I think I had most of the support in most of the places that I played. Like I said before, once you are young it is great, but because you are upcoming. When you get close to the end of your career, it is great because you have been there a long time; that is when you get the most of the support.

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