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August 30, 1996

Stefan Edberg


Q. How shocked were you when he stopped or were you expecting it?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think I sort of expected something to happen because of the way he was moving, since he had one of the trainers out there, I knew he had a problem with something. I wasn't really surprised because these things happen to you once in a while.

Q. Do you feel at all cheated or anything like that? Or you just take it and move on?

STEFAN EDBERG: I'll take it. A win is a win. If you look at today's match, I didn't really feel good to begin with, had problems finding the timing on the ball, seeing the ball. This was one of these matches where I didn't play up to my standard. I had to fight hard. I had to work hard. It's one of these matches that you sometimes need to come through. It was an important win tonight, especially after playing so well the first match. It was sort of a little bit of a let down. Hopefully things will be a lot better from now on.

Q. Is that simply because of the lights?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think -- it's a little different playing at night, no question about it. I haven't played under the light for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes it's a little bit hard in the beginning because it does play differently when it's sunshine than at night, kind of a little trouble finding the right tension on my racquet, timing, trouble seeing the ball. I had a pretty lousy start, but things got better towards the end, I was attacking the ball and doing much better.

Q. When you see that you're playing at night here and it hasn't always worked out, does it play on your mind at all?

STEFAN EDBERG: Well, I've had matches here at night where I've done pretty poor, but also I played some great matches. It's been both worlds. When you play here, you're going to have to expect to play once or twice under the light. It's actually good, too, to come through a night match. It's easier next time you come around, next time you play under the sunshine.

Q. For somebody who is retiring at the end of this year, you don't sound like you want to go away quietly here. You really think you can win here, don't you?

STEFAN EDBERG: I'm always being realistic. Like I said many times, I think it's a very, very little chance, but nothing is impossible. If I play great tennis, that could take me a long way. A lot of things can happen, like tonight, the guy gets injured. Maybe it's going to happen more, who knows (laughter). I'm two for two now. Krajicek had a nosebleed, so.

Q. What are you doing to people?

STEFAN EDBERG: I don't know (laughter).

Q. Is it true you wanted to play the night session today?

STEFAN EDBERG: I let them make the schedule. It's fine. Like I said, you know, I'm going to end up playing at night sooner or later, a night match. Hopefully they won't put me next match, but if they do, it will be much easier coming back for a second match. I'm quite glad anyway.

Q. What would be your best night memory? Would it be that Lendl, the two day?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yes. I played Chang here under the lights here. I think that was '91. Another good match. I've played a lot more good matches under the lights than I played bad. You tend to remember some of the bad ones unfortunately.

Q. Sort of a strange second set with all the service breaks?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, it was. I got the break, fought back, got my serve again, got back again. That's where the match sort of changed in that period for three or four games, then I started playing a lot better. I think once I got that second set, I felt a lot better about my game. It was an important stage of the match.

Q. Do you look ahead in the draw?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yes, I do. Playing Haarhuis. I do look.

Q. Do you feel like it looks good for you?

STEFAN EDBERG: It doesn't look all that bad, since I've taken Krajicek's spot, it opens up a little bit. Good players there. Haarhuis is a fighter. If I can come through that, then it's Martin or Henman. It could be a lot worse.

Q. You've beat all those players?

STEFAN EDBERG: I have done that in the past, yes.

Q. (Inaudible)?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think the umpire did a good job. There was one bad call, but apart from that. You lose some, you win some. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Q. Do you hear the crowd?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yes, I do. That can get very loud here, especially playing in the evenings. I've been here playing against Connors, and it can be very, very loud (laughter). It makes it exciting at the same time, it really does.

Q. You saw him have a big run one year. Do you ever put yourself in that position, that if it could happen to somebody like that?

STEFAN EDBERG: I don't think that's going to happen too many times what happened. I think it was in '91 when he got to the semifinal. It was just incredible all of the people coming out. It was like Connors mania here in America. I think it takes an American, somebody special like Jimmy. For me that year it was actually great, because all the attention was on him. I could sort of quietly go through that year.

Q. Would you like to play Davis Cup against Czech Republic?

STEFAN EDBERG: I left myself sort of open for that one. I'm going to speak to the captain. We're not going to decide until ten days before. I'm really not sure. It depends on how I feel physically, how the team is looking.

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