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September 6, 1993

Thomas Muster


Q. Thomas, at 3-3 in the middle of the third set tiebreaker in a round of 16 match at a Grand Slam, do you think it is inappropriate in any way to walk over the net?


Q. Do you think in any way it is show boating?

THOMAS MUSTER: Why not? I can cross the net however I want. I can walk around or cross it like I did. Who cares? If I feel like doing it, why not? It doesn't matter.

Q. Thomas, I have got a Davis Cup question. I know you are not going to New Zealand, but is this because of a change in priority that you have got just to concentrate on your singles or ranking?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, yeah, that is why I am not going. That is why I said I am not playing in New Zealand because I want to reach the Masters and have another claycourt tournament, I want to use that. And if I am going to Australia, I can't play both of them and this would really hurt me. So I think -- I mean everybody agreed that Skoff and Antonitsch playing against New Zealand; if we go down to second division, I am definitely not playing next year for -- stay in the first division then get together; we have to figure out something.

Q. It didn't seem like you two liked each other on the court. Was that just a perception or did that seem...

THOMAS MUSTER: Just have to read Brad Gilbert's book then you know everything. You need to read his book, then you know everything.

Q. What do you mean by that, what parts of his book?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, just certain parts.

Q. Something he said about you?

THOMAS MUSTER: No. No. I just -- in particular, I mean, he is a kind of person I don't like and not many people like, so it doesn't matter.

Q. Is it true there were some altercations in San Francisco at one time?

THOMAS MUSTER: Never played in San Francisco, never been there.

Q. Brad Gilbert has said that your grunt on the court was a false grunt. Could you respond to that?

THOMAS MUSTER: No. I mean, it is his problem. He has to get away with it. I mean --

RICHARD FINN: Thomas, can you talk a little bit about the match; what turned around the match. I want it on the record.

THOMAS MUSTER: Nobody ask that.

RICHARD FINN: I just want it to be on the record so anybody upstairs and the writers that aren't here right now, talk a little bit about the match then being in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open.

THOMAS MUSTER: I feel very happy because I think -- in the round of 16 -- I have reached the quarterfinals. I just came here on Sunday and I think it is a very great effort for me to do that. I think I have a good chance to go to the semifinals which would be very good for me because then I would have reached the semis in Australian, Paris and U.S. Open, which means a lot to me. So I am very happy I won the match.

RICHARD FINN: After the third set tiebreaker, what turned it around in the fourth set?

THOMAS MUSTER: I was up just 2-Love and I got broken again, which I think was because I lost a little bit the concentration and I went down a little bit but I think I had a good come back; then broke him again and in the last game, I think, I played quite good tennis.

Q. What did you think worked really well for you, I noticed you tried to come to the net a lot on his slower paced shots?

THOMAS MUSTER: Yeah, that was good for me because I had a lot of time to prepare my shots. I was hitting many forehands, so he had to run a lot. I think he got a little tired also and he wasn't as quick anymore at the net and I think I returned better than he did, I mean, he never -- he just chipped my serves back and he never really did much.

Q. Did his giving you very little pace; was that a problem or did you...

THOMAS MUSTER: No, it was okay for me because I could prepare my shots very well and open up the court and so he had to cover that court, and then whenever I felt like coming in, I came in. He missed it early because he had --

Q. What are your feelings about the quarters; are you pretty confident?

THOMAS MUSTER: I think one more day rest again and probably relax tomorrow, we will try to prepare myself for my next opponent and I will be ready.

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