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December 7, 1994

Thomas Muster


Q. Thomas, with Andre, it is always very spectacular, how do you rank this match?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, I think he definitely is in great shape right now. He is physically fit, and he is hitting the ball extremely well. And many times -- on all surfaces he is world class and an outstanding player. That is something I have to accept. That is the way he played, and I think to my game I could have served much better and would have been easier for my game which I think from the baseline was pretty even. From the point of my serve, it was very weak, and that cost me basically the match.

Q. Thomas, were you disrupted by when he sort of -- when he looked up at the video replay when he hit the ball between his legs; a doublefault after that hit, didn't it sort of ruin you or did it affect your concentration?

THOMAS MUSTER: Not really, because there was no other choice, and I made point. There was no reason to be tight there. So I think as I said, I served extremely bad, and I tried to force it too much, and then I hit too many doublefaults especially in the first set. And 3-All was fine and at 4-3 we changed balls, and I lost my rhythm a bit. And he just came over me, and then I got back pretty well in the second set and again bad service game cost me the match in the second set.

Q. You played him twice before this year, where would you place this match in this season between the French Open and the U.S. Open?

THOMAS MUSTER: What was that?

Q. Where would you place this match between the French Open and the U.S. Open?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, it is not -- nothing I could compare with because it was almost on different surfaces. I beat him on clay court, and all the time, actually except one time when he was very young, I beat him on hard court. But every time I beat him was on clay and now every time I lost was either hard court or supreme court. And as I said, he showed on grass and all surfaces that he is an outstanding player. To place it, it is very difficult for me.

Q. Is it a bit like playing yourself, playing Andre, somebody who hits the ball all the time?

THOMAS MUSTER: I don't think my hair will grow any more, that long. But especially the same, I think, if two players playing the same style, it is always good tennis, I think. And if two servers are playing, you can just watch it. That is the whole secret. So I think, as I said, I lost the match with the serve today and that is the way I see it.

Q. Davis Cup, talking about advancing the dates; what do you think about this?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, it has been this way in the past. There has always been a lot of changes but after all, the problem is always to get from the Australian Open, the long way to where the Davis Cup had been played otherwise -- semifinal, final, that is what makes it difficult, if you get through the semifinals or finals at the Australian Open; then it becomes critical. But otherwise most people eliminated before aren't there, so they have time to travel to their Davis Cup venue.

Q. What about the crowd, did you ever see the crowd reacting after a wrong call?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, I think it is right because the umpire doesn't see the ball. The ball is very fast from the line and so he could repeat it. I mean, I gave one point to Andre at the U.S. Open and in a way, that was his return today, but I don't understand that overruling when they don't see a thing and they don't see the ball they ought to see. So this is something I am really a bit mad about.

Q. Playing Munich is playing at home for you?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, in a way it is funny playing here because there are many fans I have got in Munich and I can feel people support me and did so until the end, which is great and I have been playing here a couple of times now and at the Bavarian Open I played here quite a few times and the proximity to Austria, maybe the crowd is prepared to support me, but this is what it was like last year, too.

Q. Is your funny cap and jacket the answer to Agassi's white and black socks?.

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, they call me Alpine Boris, so I must play this role.

Q. Any problems in the end with the surface or the carpet?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, I was moving too fast,, so the glue dissolved and I had some problems with the court behind the baseline, yes. Some deformation. That doesn't have to be a problem with these prize monies, they might be able to buy a new carpet.

Q. Are you going to stay as a spectator now?

THOMAS MUSTER: No, I have seen such a lot of tennis these eleven years, no, I am going to Australia next Friday.

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