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April 30, 1995

Thomas Muster


Q. Thomas, on the first matchpoint, Boris played the second ball at, I think, 196 kilometers. What do you think about this?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, if it would have been on the line, it would have been a winner. If not, I would call it as a mistake, but I mean, that is a decision he makes and you have to ask him why he did it.

Q. Were you surprised that he went for the big second serve?

THOMAS MUSTER: Yeah, I was actually because if he would have just kicked it in and come in as he would have been slightly more chance to win the point, but maybe if you want to win something so badly, this is just a reaction which comes from inside and he just did it.

Q. How did you feel at the beginning of the match, okay?

THOMAS MUSTER: Yeah, I felt okay, maybe a little bit too relaxed even the way I played and actually I just tried to play point by point and after losing two sets, I tried to force more. I tried to be more aggressive on my own service games and -- but I mean, if you are matchpoint down and two sets to love down, I mean, all this -- I mean, there is no explanation why you are winning matches like this, and -- but I think it was a very good clay court match. And I would like to change that offer from Boris to take one title from Wimbledon to give him one -- his name down here in the corridor.

Q. This one?

THOMAS MUSTER: Not this one. The one before.

Q. Thomas, what has changed since your match against Gaudenzi and if you have talked with him about the match of yesterday?

THOMAS MUSTER: What happened is that yesterday I went -- well, they took me to the locker room and I got all this infusions and with sugar and all this. Then I went to the hospital after that. And they were checking my blood and were checking everything they possibly could, yesterday from heartbeat and ultrasound on the heart and lungs, I mean, everything and I was until 8:30 in the hospital, and still my sugar was down there and they gave me another infusion of sugar, and well, I just went to eat last night normally and that is it and I slept about 11 hours and that is what I did. I haven't -- I haven't spoken with Andrea about the match yet and I don't think we should talk about it. I am very happy that which I have to say honestly, this medical service here is one of the best in all tournaments in the world and the doctors are very, very good here and that is something I really have to say about this tournament. It is perfect.

Q. What exactly did the doctor tell you yesterday and when did you decide to play?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, we checked everything and then we -- he said that everything is okay; my stomach is okay, my heart, my kidneys, my lungs, everything is perfect, and the only thing was missing was electrolytes and sugar, most of all, and that would cause the breakdown yesterday. After all the infusions we look at the blood and it was balanced completely and today I just got fluid food with a lot of -- well, magnesium and everything which is necessary. I just eat a little bit of rice and I just tried to get as much energy in my body as possible. There was a biologist who came this morning who gave all the food to me and he advised me exactly from the morning until the match what I have to eat and to drink and he prepared everything.

Q. When you made your our own doublefault in the tiebreak, did you think at the start it was over?

THOMAS MUSTER: It was a very crucial moment to make a doublefault, but his one was even worse, I think, than mine, so, you know, at that stage you can't really tell; as I said before why you are winning the match and losing them. You do what you have to do and either you win or you fail, but there was somebody up there today who was turning the ball the right ways and probably and -- yeah, that is it.

Q. What have you been eating during the match, was it sugar?

THOMAS MUSTER: Yeah, it was just sugar, to keep the sugar level up. That was the most important thing. It was just like energy tablets.

Q. When you decided to play, did you decide to play not only because it was the final of the tournament or did you decide to play because you felt you were able to win?

THOMAS MUSTER: First of all, I played because I wanted to play the finals to walk out and to go and play because I think -- I think it is the nicest thing if you walk out there, here, on Sunday and play this final. Either you lose 3-0 sets or whatever, but -- and I am the last person that would give away a match if it is not really necessary, and as I said, when I walk on the court, I just try to enjoy myself to play; that is maybe I was a little bit too relaxed and I didn't really believe maybe at the beginning that I could win this match and even now in the fifth set, I didn't feel tired at all. And when I won the fourth set I really felt now that I could really win that match and I had got adrenaline and I was like -- when I played the last game, I felt like the match just started and that -- that shows how much energy you still -- your body can produce, if you had and you can see in his game how much it takes out of your body when you are down, you see the balls he missed or the shots he missed, he would never have missed in the second set.

Q. What were you thinking at the beginning of the third set after you lost the first two, I mean, what were you really thinking?

THOMAS MUSTER: I was thinking when -- now it is very important to win the first game because as stupid as it sounds, but I thought if I could get over somehow in the third set, I know that he will get tired and I know that he will slow down his serve; I know he will slow down his movements and so the most important thing to me was to keep on playing and at the end, actually, it paid off because I knew that when it was 4-1, he gave away the third set, 6-1 and the advantage was that I started serving, so I always was ahead in the fourth set, so it is just -- there are so many decisions you take during a match, but I really believe, you know, after the fourth set that I could win it now and I have a very good chance, but to get to the chance, I knew I have to start after being down to zero, that I have to do something and I knew when I had the break now, there might be a change in the game

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