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December 5, 1995

Thomas Muster


Q. Thomas, could you take us through the list of your injuries that you were treated for today?

THOMAS MUSTER: I just had a tight muscle near my hip on the right side, but it wasn't bothering me too much. I just asked the trainer for hot cream and that was it. It was not really bothering me during the match. I just felt that it was tight, so just tried to get some treatment.

Q. And the toe?

THOMAS MUSTER: The toe was a blister. It wasn't very funny.

Q. (inaudible)

THOMAS MUSTER: I didn't play so much tennis. It is very tough to hold the ball on the court here because it is very fast, very fast balls. Also it is very difficult to control. So just two shots is the serve and the return here. Everything else is useless.

Q. Going to Australia next Friday?

THOMAS MUSTER: Yes, leave Friday.

Q. (inaudible)

THOMAS MUSTER: No, the decision has been made. I can only tell you that I have a contract with Head until the 31st of December.

Q. (inaudible)?

THOMAS MUSTER: No, I am playing the Head racket until the 31st of December.

Q. You are not going to stay with Head?

THOMAS MUSTER: Officially I am playing Head. I am playing, playing Head until the 31st.

Q. What happened in the third set? That wasn't the Thomas Muster we used to know some months now?

THOMAS MUSTER: No. Incredibly fast and impossible to play controlled tennis. Some serves and some volleys, that is the problem, keep the ball in play. You can't do that here with these balls and we are not at sea level either. There will be around 2,000 aces this week, but no long rally. Well, whether this is beautiful tennis, I think the crowd has got to do without it this week. It is the last tournament on this surface now. Well, again I am criticizing people, people blame me for doing that.

Q. (inaudible)

THOMAS MUSTER: It is Supreme here. The hardest balls you can dream of. And unless something extraordinary happens, there will be a Becker/Sampras final. What else can I say?

Q. Are you glad it is over now, Thomas, you can leave on some holiday?

THOMAS MUSTER: No. If I had made the match, I had another $250,000 and I could leave for a nice vacation. No, I am not glad it is over. I am not complaining, but as I said, it is not really good to play here because you wouldn't want to call that tennis, would you? You compare the Masters or Essen, Paris Indoors where they actually do play tennis, you know; they wouldn't do so here.

Q. (inaudible).

THOMAS MUSTER: Who is to blame? Well the organizer, I don't know, ITF. There is a lot of money involved. Don't forget that.

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