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March 25, 1997

Thomas Muster

Key Biscayne, FL

MIKI SINGH: Thomas Muster 6-4, 6-4 winner. Next he'll play Jonas Bjorkman. Questions for Thomas.


Q. Thomas, how about that first set (inaudible) at 5-2?

THOMAS MUSTER: I was playing on a better side, with the wind in my back. The one side was bad to play than the other. I think more games have been won from one side there. Very windy conditions. It's very tough to set up your shots. First set, didn't worry me too much that I was down 2-Love and then 4-2. It was high humidity, very hot out there. Difficult conditions today.


Q. Do you think you had a mental edge over him? I saw some matches between both of you. It's always tight until the moment you go up, then you're on a roll. For instance, last year in Estoril you were almost losing.

THOMAS MUSTER: He's a very talented player. He plays good topspin. He has a pretty good serve. He had good results on hardcourt. He can move the ball around pretty well. It's very difficult.


Q. Do you think you can beat anybody with this level you showed today?

THOMAS MUSTER: Depends who you play, you see. If I play a different opponent, I play differently. You have to play different tactics every time you play, so it's not a question of how I would play against -- how I would do against Pete in the match because he's a different player.

MIKI SINGH: Anything else for Thomas?


Q. Thomas, in the past you played a lot on claycourts. Recently you played a lot more on hardcourts. The reason you said you played on clay before is because you were worried about injuring your knee, and your knee didn't hold up as well. What's changed that you can now play more hardcourt events?

THOMAS MUSTER: I played less tournaments than ever in my life before. I didn't play more events; I just won more this year. I've never played less tournaments from January till March than I did this year, so it's not a question of tournaments, it's a question that I won more. That's it. That's the reason, because I've taken many, many weeks off.


Q. But you're playing more hardcourts now?

THOMAS MUSTER: No; the same.


Q. How is your knee holding up on this hard surface? Do you feel any different playing clay than playing hard?

THOMAS MUSTER: Clay is a better surface for your body. There's no doubt about it anyway. I just got to take the right period of rest in between tournaments, take your time off whenever it's necessary. I've done that pretty well. This spring I've played good tennis so far. My knee's all right.

MIKI SINGH: Anything else?


Q. Thomas, this surface is pretty slow, you think, for a hardcourt?



Q. Fast, medium?

THOMAS MUSTER: Same like the US Open, sort of. Yeah, it's pretty -- I mean, it allows all kinds of games.


Q. In Indian Wells, where you were going to be starting the claycourt season, you said it would depend on both tournaments. Did you decide?

THOMAS MUSTER: I'm starting my claycourt season in Barcelona.

MIKI SINGH: Anything else? Thank you.


End of FastScripts....

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