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March 27, 1997

Thomas Muster

Key Biscayne, FL

MIKI SINGH: Please welcome Thomas Muster, a 7-5, 6-2 winner today over Jonas Bjorkman. He'll play Jim Courier in tomorrow's semifinal match. First question.


Q. Can you just kind of assess where you thought the turning point of the match was and how comfortable you felt with your effort tonight?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, it was my first night match, which was quite different than playing during the day. Conditions are always slower. I think it was a good match for me. Maybe the key point was second set, 4-2, Love-40. Good comeback there. The match could have been still on. I'm quite happy that I came back there and sort of played a solid return game.


Q. When he double-faulted in the first set, I was thinking the match was over. What were you thinking?

THOMAS MUSTER: No, not really. Jonas can play and come back many times. He has good success in five-set matches. He can fight. He's a good competitor. I mean, he has a good serve, a great volley. The conditions were pretty slow. You really have to serve outstanding to not face breakpoints here or not struggle. With new balls, it's all right. If the balls are used for three, four games, then they get really heavy. There you get your chances against a serve and volley player here.


Q. What sort of match do you look for tomorrow with Jim?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, it's always a tough one against Jim because we had tough battles in the past. It's 2-1 on me this year. I mean, he's playing good tennis, I'm playing good tennis. He's trying to get back in the rankings. He's going to be motivated to be in the finals here. I'm quite, you know, happy to play him because I'm always looking forward to those matches because they obviously are a lot of fun.


Q. You'll have the home crowd against you, too, there.

THOMAS MUSTER: I don't care too much. I think people want to see good tennis. That's not a worry.


Q. What kind of paintings do you like the most?

THOMAS MUSTER: Kandinsky, Muro.


Q. What do you think of van Gogh?

THOMAS MUSTER: Well, all in that same kind, similar style, which is one of my favorite, too. Maybe those are the favorite three.

MIKI SINGH: Anything else? Thank you.


End of FastScripts....

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