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June 21, 2005

Andy Murray


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and Gentlemen, Andy Murray. Can I have the first question, please.

Q. How good was that today from your point of view? He made a few mistakes, but you seemed to play confidently, not be overawed by the situation.

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, I played pretty solid the whole match. I didn't make so many mistakes. I served very well. I don't think he had breakpoint on my serve the whole match. And I must have broken him five or six times. So I was pretty happy with the way that I played. I think I could have concentrated a bit better at the start of the third set and maybe towards the end of the second, but I was pretty happy with the way I played.

Q. Any nerves at all this morning?

ANDREW MURRAY: I was a little bit nervous when I woke up this morning, yeah. But I think I was more excited than anything else. But when I got on the court, I was hitting the ball well from the start. The courts were nice and slow, which I quite like, but I was still getting enough on my serve. Thought I played pretty well.

Q. How did the ankle hold up?

ANDREW MURRAY: Didn't look like there were any problems, did it?

Q. Did it feel it?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, it was fine. I didn't really feel it at all. I had very heavy strapping on. Obviously, I was wearing the brace, as well. I didn't feel it. It didn't affect me. I was running for all the balls that I normally would. So, no, it wasn't a problem.

Q. Will you tape your ankles in the future?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, well, I might just wear the brace all the time, one of the two. I'm going to go to France in the next few weeks and get my ankle sorted because I've got an extra bit of bone there, which is causing a little bit of the pain. But I think in the future, I'll probably get it strapped, yup.

Q. When will you go to France to have that treatment?

ANDREW MURRAY: Whenever I have the time. I don't think it takes very long.

Q. You'll miss a few tournaments?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, probably not, because it's not like an operation or anything. I don't know exactly what it was, but I spoke with the physio about it. He said it just takes one day and I'll be fine the next.

Q. Like a bone spur, is it?


Q. Was that Jean Pierre?


Q. Have you seen the supports that Roddick wears pretty well permanently? They look fairly useful to him. He had ankle problems early on.

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, well, a lot of guys use them, but it's not really the best thing to wear them all the time because then you stop using your ankle and you can put a lot of pressure on your knees, as well. Obviously, by not using your ankles, the ligaments get weaker. So maybe I don't know if you're running or doing something, you step badly, you can really hurt yourself. So maybe if I have a problem, I'll wear the brace. But if not, then I'll probably just have it strapped during the matches.

Q. Did you expect to be quite so dominant today?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, not really. I wasn't really expecting to win. Obviously he's much better than me. He's maybe 200 places higher than me in the rankings and he's won against Sampras here, so I wasn't expecting to do so well. But once I got the break in the first set, I thought I played really well after that because at the start I was having a lot of chances on his serve and he didn't really have any chances on mine. But when I got the break, I relaxed and I played pretty well.

Q. Next round you've got Stepanek. What do you think of that? He's got a bit of a reputation for gamesmanship. Does that bother you at all?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, that's fine (smiling). Might make me play a bit better, as well. Obviously, I'm not expecting to win. He's, I don't know, Top 20 in the world, maybe Top 15. He plays pretty well on grass. I think if I go out and play one of my best matches, I've got a slight chance. But apart from that, no, I should lose pretty comfortably (smiling).

Q. Did you think you'd lose today, did you say?

ANDREW MURRAY: I don't go on court expecting to lose, but I don't feel so much pressure because the guys I'm playing against now are much better than me. If I lose, okay, I lost to a better player, and I've learnt something. But if I win, then it's great, I've won against a guy that's got a higher ranking than me. When I go on court, I'm going to try my best to win, but I'm just not expecting to do so well. If I lose, I'm not going to feel really badly about it.

Q. What do you make of the growing hype and expectation around you? Have you been aware of it? Have you actually enjoyed it?

ANDREW MURRAY: I don't really mind it. I suppose it's okay. It's a little bit over the top because I still haven't really done anything. I mean, I won the US Open Juniors, which was good, and I won a couple of matches at Queen's, and now I've won a match here. So really it's only four or five matches, and everybody's making it out as if I've pretty much won Wimbledon. And I think it's a little bit over the top.

Q. If you were referred to as the great new hope of British tennis, which you have been, what would you make of that? Does that rest easily with you?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, well, I think I am. I think there's a lot of good players in Britain now from the younger ones that are doing not bad. But, obviously, my results have been the best out of the lot of them. So everybody's going to say that I am the new hope. I just have to do what I'm doing on the court. It doesn't really bother me.

Q. How much would you like to go on Centre Court or Court 1? The queue was massive.

ANDREW MURRAY: They have to fit me on Court 1 my next match because I'm playing against a seed. Obviously, I think my opponent might be a little bit nervous playing against me. The bigger the court they put me on, the more nervous he's going to get. So hopefully I'll get on one of the big ones.

Q. A huge amount has been written about you. You've appeared on television. Do you read much about what's written about you?

ANDREW MURRAY: I read a little bit sometimes. My mom buys some papers in the morning, and I just read like the sport because I'm not really interested in the other stuff. So, yeah, I see maybe two or three of the papers.

Q. What did you think of the crowd today?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, it was very good. They were a little bit unfair on my opponent because when he played a good shot, they didn't really do anything, and when he made a mistake, they made a lot of noise. But they were very good. They gave me a lot of support, and hopefully it will continue for my next match.

Q. What was on the iPod when you walked on today?

ANDREW MURRAY: Black-Eyed Peas. Same as at Queen's. It's working for me. I'm going to keep listening to it until I lose.

Q. How was your mom? She said before you play she gets sick.

ANDREW MURRAY: Really? I didn't really speak to her. I try not to speak to her before the matches. I just saw her there just as I came in, so I've not really spoken to her. But she's very supportive of me. She was very good this morning. She made me my breakfast, so that was good (smiling).

Q. Is there a reason you don't speak to her before matches?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, not really. She's -- I don't know why I should speak to her. I want to concentrate on my match. Obviously, I speak with my coach about my tactics and I go and practice with him. But when I arrived here, I didn't really see her except for maybe one or two minutes. I don't really need to speak to her before the matches.

Q. Do you find as you travel about that people are kind of surprised that somebody English or Scottish can play tennis?

ANDREW MURRAY: Well, Tim Henman's not bad.

Q. He's at another level. You travel around the Juniors. I can imagine anybody in the United States, where I come from, an English kid won the US Open Juniors?


Q. Scottish, excuse me. It's quite a surprise. I wonder if you find that sort of surprise?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, well, it's good. The Scottish -- British Juniors have started to do well the last couple years. I think we've had maybe three or four in the Top 10 in the Juniors, so it's getting better and better. But I think I've been the only one in the last sort of 10, 12 years who has won a big tournament. So, yeah, maybe it's a bit of a surprise.

Q. You mentioned your coach. What is the future of that? He's based over here. Will you be touring with him?

ANDREW MURRAY: I don't know yet. He's still got commitments with Sky and with the LTA. But I think it's working quite well and I'm going to do my best to make him travel with me. And the LTA have been very supportive about it. They want me to have the best I can, and if it's Mark, then I'm going to travel with Mark. But I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe he doesn't want to travel with me.

Q. It's very noticeable when you make a mistake, you react with self-criticism. Are you a perfectionist?

ANDREW MURRAY: Maybe a little bit. But I think I was getting a little bit annoyed on court today because I wasn't concentrating as well as I could have. And it was mainly when I had easy passing shots, I tried a couple of stupid lobs. I tried to play a couple to his feet when I could have just hit a winner. So that's why I was getting a little bit annoyed on court today.

Q. What was it like when you came out of Court 2, there was a big crush of people there, you were at the center of it, the photographers waiting to take your picture? You said already you think it's a bit over the top. Does that give you a buzz or is it daunting?

ANDREW MURRAY: I don't really mind it. I try not to think about it. I just kept walking and signed a few autographs. I've done it a few times before. But it's nice in some ways because I know that there's a lot of people supporting me and a lot of people wanting me to do well. So I just have to take the positives from it.

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