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March 14, 1999

Carlos Moya


JOE LYNCH: Carlos Moya will be officially No. 1 when the rankings come out in about three hours or so. He will move on to the Lipton where he will be the top seed.

Q. After the joy of yesterday, how hard was it to come back and concentrate today?

CARLOS MOYA: It was not difficult. I proved that I was really focused and concentrate. You know, he won the match, played great. But for a few balls in the third set, I had some breakpoint which I could not make any of them, then he broke me. It was 5-4 for him or something like that. Then in the fifth, he played great. I think the key of the match was the third set where the match was very close, and I had some breakpoint to lead 5-3, I think, or 4-2. But I didn't take any of them. Then he broke me. I think I played a great match. I'm very confident, but today he's better than me, so that's it.

Q. Wasn't it a question of you getting a bit tired in the fifth set?

CARLOS MOYA: I have so much pressure, knowing that he breaks me. You know, is difficult to break him back. He served great today. I think I played a good match. In the fifth set, maybe I was a little bit tired. Then he broke me just at the beginning, so was tough to be concentrate, because I knew it was going to be difficult. But anyway, I think I have to be happy with this week.

Q. Were you more tired physically or mentally?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, I don't know. Maybe mentally. Because when he broke me at the beginning of the fifth set, you know, I was fighting like crazy, running every ball to get to that point, stupid things; he broke me; makes me feel like I'm there for nothing. I was fighting every ball. For one or two points, you know, I let him lead the fifth set with his serve. It was going to be difficult to break him back. So maybe I was mentally a little bit tired.

Q. Where would you place his serve at the moment among the various big servers in the men's game?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, it's one of the best, for sure. He has improved his movements, too, from baseline. I think I have played the best match that I ever played against him, but I still didn't beat him. You know, hopefully next time I will. At least today I've seen the way to beat him, you know, even if I didn't. At least the other time, I didn't see what can I do. But today at least, I have seen that there is a way to beat him for me. Hopefully, next time I will beat him. He has a great serve.

Q. What is that way of beating him?

CARLOS MOYA: I don't know. But I saw something, you know (laughter). If I knew, I would have beaten him. I think maybe it's me who changed. Maybe now I think that I can beat anyone. I mean, I always thought about that. Now, I'm much more confident with my game. Maybe that's the difference, you know, that I think I can beat him. That's why I saw a little bit of hope.

Q. If I understood you correctly, you said the key was the first set?

CARLOS MOYA: No, the third.

Q. What sort of reaction has there been from back home in Spain over the last 24 hours?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, I know what the reaction of my family and my friends, you know. I don't know how the others are doing, but I think is going to be great. But when I get back, I tell you. Now I want to be, you know, focusing Lipton; still a big tournament to go. I would like to play well there. I have no points to defend, so I have to take advantage of that now that I can. The way I'm playing now, I have to take advantage of that. I'll tell you when I go back to Spain.

Q. Are you surprised that there are none of the regular Spanish tennis journalists here?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, there is one.

Q. Of the regulars.

CARLOS MOYA: Well, is their business, you know. Maybe is better even, you know, because -- I'm not saying it's better. I was kidding. Better you ask them. Looks like it happens every week that there is a No. 1 Spanish, then you lose a match when they are there, they write shit about you (laughter). Looks like it happens every week, you know, that there is a Spanish No. 1. It's very easy to call. You can call anyone.

Q. Will this put more pressure on you to perform? Will it be an extra burden being No. 1?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, I hope not. I've been dealing pretty well with the pressure lately, you know. I've got some experience playing two finals in Grand Slam, semifinal. I've just 22, but I think I've got some experience. For two years, I'm used to the pressure that I have to win every match because I've been Top 10 for two years already. Being Top 10 means you have to win every match. Now is even -- I have to win even more matches than before. It's going to be tough. I just want to be focused. I don't care what the others are saying. I just want to play my game, you know, do my best. If I win, great. If not, next time I will.

Q. What particular ways do you want to see your game developing?

CARLOS MOYA: I didn't understand the question.

Q. In what aspects of your game do you see the best improvements?

CARLOS MOYA: Lately or for the future?

Q. For the future.

CARLOS MOYA: Maybe I have to be more aggressive. Today, I knew was going to be difficult match, so that's why I didn't serve that well. Because if I miss the first serves, he was putting so much pressure on me, going to the net with the second. Looks like my serve was not really good today. It was like a tactic, you know. I mean, I prove that I can serve pretty well. Maybe the backhand, you know. I'm not much confidence right now with my backhand. The volley, that's what I should improve in the future.

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