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August 27, 2002

Carlos Moya


MODERATOR: Questions for Carlos.

Q. You got off to kind of a slow start. Looked like you got more aggressive in the second set. How were you able to turn it around and take charge of the match?

CARLOS MOYA: Well, I think I have a slow start. He was playing very well. I wasn't moving that well. It took a while for me to get used to the speed of the ball. I think he was playing great. He didn't give me any rhythm. He wasn't making many mistake. He was taking a lot of risk. Looked like he was playing very well. But he had a really bad game at 5-4 in the second set. He double-faulted three times, then I broke his serve. After that, things were much easier for me. The third set I was in control, and also the fourth I was a break up. He was able still to come back. I think the important moments I played better than him, including the tiebreak. He had his chances, and he didn't take them. So that happens. It happens. When you don't take the chances, normally you lose.

Q. It looked like in the end he had been trying to pick on your backhand, but you hit some good backhand passes during the match. Did you feel more comfortable or confident on the backhand?

CARLOS MOYA: Yeah. I've been -- I mean, for a few months now I've been feeling really confident with my backhand. I mean, I have to admit that my backhand was one of my weak points in the past years. Although I know it's never going to be like my forehand, I know that I still can improve that stroke. It's what I've been doing. Now I'm very confident with my backhand. I hit some good passing shots. He was trying to attack on that side, but I think I've been able to play some good backhands, and that was good.

Q. Looked like you were pretty effective when you did come to the net. Is that something you'll be doing against Gambill?

CARLOS MOYA: I didn't understand.

Q. Looked like you were effective when you came into the net. Is that something you will be doing against Gambill? What do you think about that match-up?

CARLOS MOYA: I like to go to the net. I not a serve and volleyer. I don't chip and charge too much. But if I have to finish a point at the net, I just do it. I feel confident there. Against Gambill, is going to be a different story. He has a huge serve. I have to be very focused on my return. He also has a very good return. But see what I can do. I'm playing well. I'll just do my best.

Q. How did it feel in general? This was your first match since Cincinnati. How did you feel?

CARLOS MOYA: Maybe at the beginning, as I said, it took a while to get used to the speed of the ball. I think is also good to struggle and still be able to win the match. He forced me to play well. I think he has played a good match. You know, I'm very happy to have won this match. It was very important. Is also difficult, a first-round match, and more coming from two weeks off, knowing that the last tournament you played, you won it. I'll try to be focused for the next match and go step by step and play some good tennis.

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