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August 10, 2000

Karrie Webb


LAURA NEAL: Can you go over your score card.

KARRIE WEBB: No. 1, I hit a sand wedge to about five feet. No. 2, I hit 5-wood long and left, and chipped it to about 15 feet and 2-putted. 3, I hit an 8-iron to about 18 feet and 3-putted. 9, I hit 5-wood on the green and 2-putted from about 35 feet. 14, I hit 5-wood on the green to about 40 feet and 2-putted. 16, I birdied. 16, I hit 9-iron to about 6 inches. 17, I hit 8-iron, missed the green right, and missed about a 15-footer for par.

Q. Karrie, it seemed once you made the turn, you were kind of in that position that you might be able to make your way up and be in great position to start the day tomorrow; and unfortunately, the weather delay, did that really sort of take a little wind out of your sails? Did you find it hard to get back out there?

KARRIE WEBB: No, I think I'm still in a pretty good position as it is. I'm only four shots behind. And I made another birdie when I went back out after the delay. So I didn't do any damage. No, I felt pretty good about things.

Q. What about the rough, is it as bad as it looks sometimes?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I think you can get lucky or you can get unlucky. You can get -- pull a pretty good lie in there and have no problem hitting it towards the green. And sometimes it can be down deep in it, and you have a lot of trouble getting a club under it.

Q. Did the course play more difficult today than it did the last two days or about the same?

KARRIE WEBB: Did you see the wind yesterday? It played easy today compared to yesterday.

Q. Still a lot of long clubs into the greens, though?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, there's certain holes you can't hit it any further than, like 15, for example. Yesterday, I hit driver the same spot I hit 3-wood today. You're still hitting a long club in, it doesn't matter what the wind was today or yesterday. The course, it's a tough setup. The greens are small, and you're not going to hit as many greens as you're used to hitting. I hit 13 greens today and felt pretty good about that. But you can just miss a green and you're in the rough. There's not two or three cuts of rough like there is at some tournaments around the greens. So you're either on the green or on the fringe, which is a putt, or you're in the rough, and you're chipping. It makes the greens look even smaller when there isn't that big apron of green around the edges of the greens.

Q. Are you speaking about the size of the greens? It appeared throughout the day, if you do have a long putt, and you mentioned you had a couple of 2-putts, and it's really difficult to get down, there seems to be quite a few undulations to the greens?

KARRIE WEBB: I don't know what they did to the greens overnight, but they were definitely faster today than they were the first two days. I don't think they try to do that on purpose, because when we play on Tuesday, we expect the greens to be the same speed all week. It was a little bit of shock to the system. And people putt defensively on some holes, where the greens weren't quite as fast.

Q. Karrie, some of the golfers yesterday said they were hoping for par in a lot of situations. Are you surprised by Diana's score, how low it was?

KARRIE WEBB: No. I think anyone in this field is capable of shooting that score. It is a great score around here. But there's a couple of reachable par-5s. And if you're keeping it on the fairways, I think that's a big key, and hitting a lot of greens. And if your chipping and putting aren't too bad, it makes the greens seem a little bigger, because you know you're going to get it up-and-down most of the time.

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