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June 24, 2005

Gael Monfils


THE MODERATOR: Good evening, everyone. Gael Monfils for you.

Q. How will you describe your game today? Are you happy?

GAEL MONFILS: No, I'm not happy because I think today I don't really play my game. I was a lot on defense, so I think it was not my game today.

Q. Were you worried about anything in particular?

GAEL MONFILS: I don't know. I don't know. I have to a lot to learn. Today I think I learn something new. You know, every time, every Grand Slam, I lost 3, 3, 1. I don't won so many games, so maybe I have to learn something or I have to find the problem. But I think I have to keep playing my game because that will be the goal. I was practicing good and to have confidence in my game. Because it was a couple weeks ago, my game was so-so, not much confidence. And now I have to stay focused on my game.

Q. It looks like the confidence is one thing. It appeared like you gave up at one stage. Did you give up?

GAEL MONFILS: I don't know. It's special, but maybe. I don't know.

Q. Are you encouraged by the way you've played this week, the whole tournament?

GAEL MONFILS: Yes, yes, it's okay. Now, I don't know.

Q. There's a big gap between Juniors and seniors. What is the biggest difference?

GAEL MONFILS: Well, the head.

Q. You've played a lot of Junior tennis with Gasquet and Andrew Murray. How far do you think they can go in this tournament?

GAEL MONFILS: I don't know. In tennis, you know, I think everybody can won. But I wish to them to go the best they can do it.

Q. Are you pushing each other to go further?

GAEL MONFILS: Maybe. But me, no, I stay focused only me and go step by step. No, I don't see each other.

Q. Coming from a really wonderful year in Juniors, how difficult is it the first year in seniors, starting to lose matches again? Is that something you can be prepared for? Does someone prepare you for that or is that something you really have to learn?

GAEL MONFILS: No, I think lose or win is same, you learn, but is different. But in senior, you losing, but in Juniors last year I was playing so good, and I think maybe I was a little bit more confident. And that's why I lose one or two matches. But I think in Senior, you know, two years ago I'm playing Juniors, it was exactly the same. Now I was, I don't know, 40 in the rank in Juniors. It was the same. But this year, you know, I don't talk about losing or winning, it's just learn and see what I have to do to be the best maybe next year or two years after. So only learn.

Q. You were prepared for that?

GAEL MONFILS: Yeah. Now I think it's a preparation right now. I learn.

Q. Is it very tough to be learning by losing?

GAEL MONFILS: Yes, because, you know, I don't really like losing. But I think if I do my best, and after it's okay.

Q. Will this result today affect your plans for the rest of the year? Are you going for the US Open?

GAEL MONFILS: Yes, I'm sure going to the US Open. But this help me to maybe like the grass. I mean, I won two matches. Maybe I will maybe like a little bit more. I think I learn a lot the three weeks in the grass, serve and volley and return. But now I have to focus on hard surface and clay court.

Q. Being so young, your best days are in front of you. Do you think you can win this tournament one day?

GAEL MONFILS: Maybe. I don't know.

End of FastScripts….

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