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September 5, 1993

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. Kimiko, do you feel more like you won or that Jana lost?

KIMIKO DATE: I feel both. Both ways.

Q. What is the matter with her knee?

KIMIKO DATE: Two days before the Wimbledon match I injured the knee.

RICHARD FINN: Two days before which match?

KIMIKO DATE: Wimbledon.

RICHARD FINN: So she hurt, in other words, her knee way back in Wimbledon?


RICHARD FINN: What is the problem?

KIMIKO DATE: M.C.L. ligament.

RICHARD FINN: Is it the ligament?

KIMIKO DATE: M.C.L. Ligament.

Q. Did that affect your play today?

KIMIKO DATE: After right-- after she injured her knee she start her treatment acupuncture, so she didn't have any pain at all, but this was the first main tournament that she had after the injury.

Q. First what tournament?

KIMIKO DATE: First big tournament. Actually the first tournament.

RICHARD FINN: First tournament?


Q. Did that happen before Wimbledon or after Wimbledon?

KIMIKO DATE: It is like during the Wimbledon -- before the main game she was practicing and she injured at the Wimbledon.

Q. How did you learn to use both hands on your return?

KIMIKO DATE: I am left-handed and I learned to play right-handed. So because I am left-handed, she can hit well with the left hand, too.

Q. So she can play with both hands?

KIMIKO DATE: And I also practice --

THE INTERPRETER: She ask me to tell you that she wasn't real serious when she practice the left hand. She practiced both hand.

Q. How far can you go in the tournament?

KIMIKO DATE: Because there has been some Japanese players who has been to best 16, but there hasn't been anybody who has been to best 8 and so for the first goal for me is -- being best 16, but now because I am best 8 I'd like to go as far as I can.

RICHARD FINN: Is this the best win that you have ever had against a big player or have you beaten another top player?

KIMIKO DATE: I have beaten like Arantxa Sanchez, Sabatini, Mary Joe Fernandez.

Q. Were you surprised by today's win? Did you expect it?

KIMIKO DATE: I thought that if I play my best I know that there is a possibility to win, so it wasn't a big surprise for me.

Q. I would like to ask how many Grand Slam press conferences have you been to?

KIMIKO DATE: A few. I can count.

Q. Anything else in English?

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