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March 15, 1996

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. It wasn't until the 6th service game that you held serve. Why did you have trouble holding serve against her today?

KIMIKO DATE: I do prefer receiving than serving, but I think that I served very well today, but Conchita played much better and that is why I couldn't keep my service games.

Q. You had beaten Conchita, I think, the last four times you played her. Why did she play so much better today?

KIMIKO DATE: Well, Conchita is the top player and I have to play 100% or more better than that to beat her and she could play that well in the four matches when she beat her, but this time in her first set, she lost all her games and it was harder to come back again with her own rhythm.

Q. Was there anything you changed mentally or physically in the second set to make it closer?

KIMIKO DATE: I don't think -- I don't think -- I didn't play that well today, but when she got into -- got into her second set and when they were rallying and they are at the last point she couldn't -- she misses and that is how she couldn't get all the points she wanted and that is how she lost a couple of games in the second set too.

Q. Was there a particular weakness in your game today, particular thing you were having trouble with?

KIMIKO DATE: There isn't nothing special that she felt that she wasn't doing good today because the point itself wasn't as bad as the score, Love-6, for instance, she doesn't think she didn't play that well today. She did what she can. I guess Conchita played a little bit better today.

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