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March 17, 1995

Patrick McEnroe


Q. You are the feature attraction here on the first day of Lipton?

PATRICK McENROE: You must be really hurting today if you wanted me to come into the press the first day.

Q. Saint Patrick's Day?

PATRICK McENROE: That is it. It is my day, why not.

Q. You have never lost on Saint Patrick's Day, I assume?

PATRICK McENROE: I am 1 and 0. I really don't remember. I am 1 and 0 for '95.

Q. But it would have been second if you lost today?

PATRICK McENROE: I called my mom. She said you can't lose; it is your day - see what happens.

Q. Did you feel it was your day even when you were losing in the second set?

PATRICK McENROE: Yeah, I still felt pretty much in control. I felt like I was controlling the point pretty well and hitting the ball pretty well. He hit a couple of big shots to break me - it was like going for broke, really. I still thought that I could get back in that set and even if I didn't, I felt pretty good about my chances in the third.

Q. How did you feel you played in the tiebreaker?

PATRICK McENROE: I played well and then I had that one point at 6-5 I set it up really well and I just -- I miss-hit that backhand; hit it wide; probably should have went back crosscourt with it because I hit a couple of good shots deep in the corner to set it up. Overall, I thought I played it pretty well. He hit a good passing shot and -- on my first matchpoint; I could have hit the approach a little bit better, but overall, you know, I thought I played pretty well.

Q. He is a bit of a showman out there, is it ever distracting?

PATRICK McENROE: I thought it was good. He is trying to have a good time and get the people into it a little bit which I think is good, and sometimes I do the same, but, you know, I let him do it today because he seemed to be having fun doing it. But it doesn't bother me at all.

Q. What was the atmosphere like out there?

PATRICK McENROE: It was real windy in the beginning, so it was -- the first couple of games was real tough and obviously, with the rain, people kind of were just coming in, but it is a great stadium. It is a great court and I think even though it is such a big stadium, the people seem pretty close and that always make it good for us.

Q. Had you ever played in this stadium here before?

PATRICK McENROE: Well, you know when it was like a different setup.

Q. But this one?

PATRICK McENROE: This one, no. I haven't played on that court, no.

Q. How did you like the music, the intro?

PATRICK McENROE: I like it. I thought it was pretty good.

Q. Traditionalists don't really dig that.

PATRICK McENROE: Well, I think they tested it really last year in New Haven. I think a few more people really had a problem with the music on the changeover, as opposed to just like the introduction thing. I think, you know, people kind of like that. It is just at the beginning and I didn't mind it much during the changeover either, but, you know, different things -- just trying different things to see if we can get people more interested and make it more fun. Obviously people are going to come out -- people who love tennis are always going to come out and watch tennis. We got to try to get people who do not necessarily love tennis to come out and say, hey, you can watch some tennis and also enjoy some other things that we might have to offer in addition to seeing the best players in the world.

Q. What was your intro song?

PATRICK McENROE: "New York, New York" - come on.

Q. I wasn't there.

PATRICK McENROE: Where were you?

Q. Will we see you back on the stadium court this week?

PATRICK McENROE: I think I am going to have to win a couple of more matches. If I win a few more, you might. I would doubt if you will see me in the next two. But, hey, if you go say you want me on stadium court the press demands it, then, you know, you guys got a lot of pull so you never know.

End of FastScripts.

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