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August 31, 1993

Henrik Holm


Q. Did you have a serious problem at one time or seems to be the first time I saw you play at Wimbledon you were all braced up?

HENRIK HOLM: I had some problems, yeah, but it is much better now.

Q. You don't wear all that equipment?

HENRIK HOLM: No, sometimes when it is sore.

Q. Thirty pounds of equipment it looked like.

HENRIK HOLM: Not that much, but--

Q. Good. From your point of view, what was the key for this win?

HENRIK HOLM: Well, I think the tiebreak in the second, there was unbelievable points there. It was a good tiebreak, and I mean, he had some set points, I had some set points. He served for the second set at 5-4, didn't he?

Q. Yes.

HENRIK HOLM: And then I got it back. Then I think I had a set point at 6-5 also; that was a long game. He missed a couple of easy volleys. I mean, it is tough to be concentrated the whole time. It is pretty warm out there. As you know this town is pretty humid.

Q. Can you talk about the 4-2 game you were serving in the last set, it went on and on and on?

HENRIK HOLM: It is tough. I mean, the sun being-- I have been here a week practicing so the sun between 2 and 4, it is pretty bad serving, and I mean it was frightening a little bit, it is tough you know, you think you have it 4-2 and then you don't play as tough as you perhaps should, I mean I hang in there and I won the game.

Q. You aced him at one point they took it away they overruled it. It looked like he wanted to give it to you.

HENRIK HOLM: Yeah, it was a clear ace. I think I won that point anyway, but I mean, you get upset. I mean, it takes you extra to play one more serve. You just want to make that ace and feel comfortable, maybe you can make one more, and that is a better feeling. I think I got -- then he had a breakpoint and I think that serve wide, maybe it was out, I kicked it wide and he --

Q. After you aced him then he hit your second serve?

HENRIK HOLM: He made a couple of calls which were not too good, I think but it happens. Of course you get upset. Michael and I perhaps we get upset sometimes; not everybody does that, but that is the game. We have more guys that get upset.

Q. What do you think when it-- when he gets upset, does it give you confidence that he loses --

HENRIK HOLM: He knows that I can lose my head also sometimes. I mean, it is always better for the opponent maybe to see the guy struggling a little bit and he gets a little bit pissed off, and but, I mean, I think all of the guys have been playing for such a long time so they know how to concentrate and they just do it for the moment. So, I mean --

Q. Do you think it is also for you a good argument now maybe to become one of the singles players --

HENRIK HOLM: I don't think some I am not going to play on the clay, no way.

Q. But it is a pom-pom for the team, I think.

HENRIK HOLM: It is good. I might have a chance to play the doubles. I have been playing pretty good doubles maybe. A guy like this playing serve and volley is good for me. I am returning great this summer, but the rest of the game has been terrible. This week has been good from the baseline. It is tough from the baseline like at the net more at the baseline and get some tempo in the body, and I am serving much better now. I have been struggling with the serve in the singles this year, and today, I think I had a pretty good rhythm; didn't play that much serve and volley. Normally, I do that. But I served good, had good speed on the second serve and didn't do that many doublefaults.

Q. Are you supposed to play the doubles against Germany or --

HENRIK HOLM: I mean, there is pretty good chance, I think, I hope so.

Q. You and Stefan or?

HENRIK HOLM: Maybe Anders. He had operation with his knee, but he is practicing now again. He is cycling and going to start to play tennis this week. And we see what happens, but of course, I would like to play one match in Davis Cup; see what happens. It is tough, I mean we have good players now and I haven't been playing that good in singles but in doubles I think I have been playing pretty good.

Q. Have you had any bigger wins than this in your career? What else rates up with this?

HENRIK HOLM: Of course last year I beat them all. I beat -- I think biggest one is probably Becker in Tokyo. Once every 10 years maybe --

Q. I mean, in a Grand Slam tournament?

HENRIK HOLM: This is definitely the one, I mean, I lost to Michael in French Open second round, but that is I mean, I am not that good on clay, and he, as you know, can play on every surface, he is probably one of the best on the court surfaces, probably best guy.

Q. Why do you wear your hat that way with the bill?

HENRIK HOLM: I don't like to have it like this long one. I have been practicing with it. I don't like it. I had the same in -- in Australia was pretty, I mean for the sun for the head. Normally, if it was cloudy, I probably wouldn't wear it. Normally, I don't wear it.

Q. You cut that off yourself?

HENRIK HOLM: A friend of mine did it today when we practiced.

Q. How many of those do you have?

HENRIK HOLM: I only have that one. Maybe I should get one more.

Q. With a scissors or knife or--

HENRIK HOLM: Does it matter. For sure not with the hand.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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