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November 23, 2002

Karrie Webb


KARRIE WEBB: I think today was definitely the toughest of the three days that we have played so far. The wind was a little bit stronger and obviously it was a little cooler today, so I think -- I think it switched a little bit. I think it started in the northwest and then came, started coming directly from the north. So it was pretty hard for a little while when it was changing that little bit to judge clubs. But I think all in all I feel pretty happy with the way I handled the conditions. I hit the ball pretty well today. I drove it pretty decently and then I hit my irons particularly well.

Q. Did you feel you could have gone lower? You took a lot of chances?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I probably think I could have gotten more out of my round yesterday than today. I did miss a couple of putts today, but I also made a couple of good par saving putts on the back nine then. I think probably I made up for a couple of short birdie putts that I missed.

Q. How many times do you figure you've played here since final round last year, if at all.

KARRIE WEBB: I have played here. I don't know. Probably, I don't know, maybe 72 holes. Four rounds. I don't know. I hardly ever play 18 holes. When I go out and play I just play nine holes, so.

Q. What brings you here?

KARRIE WEBB: I practice here a little bit in the winter. It's only 20 minutes from home. Practice facilities here are pretty good, so.

Q. Where are you a member?

KARRIE WEBB: I'm a member at Pine Tree Golf Club. So I split time in the winter. And then obviously with the course in the summer I practice at Pine Tree.

Q. Do you play here enough to where you feel you have an edge?

KARRIE WEBB: Not really. I think when you play here it doesn't matter if you hit one in the water when you play here when you're just practicing. So on certain tees where in the tournament you feel a little bit more nervous over when you're just practicing it, it doesn't, you don't feel nervous because it doesn't matter if it goes in the water or if you hit the fairway. So I think as far as -- the greens are never at this speed either. So as far as that goes. I don't think that -- obviously just playing it a little bit more you do feel a little bit more familiar with it, but I don't think it saved me a whole lot of shots.

Q. The fact that you won last year, does it help or is it your play?

KARRIE WEBB: I think a little bit of both. I think I have a -- I think I can play on any surfaces or course. But I think I played pretty well on Bermuda, I grew up on that. Whereas girls that never grew up on Bermuda sometimes don't feel comfortable reading grain and stuff like that. It doesn't really bother me a whole lot.

Q. Have you done anything differently lately to hit your irons so lovely?

KARRIE WEBB: No, it's -- I've been hitting it pretty well on the range. And not really taking it to the course in the last probably six weeks. So it's, that's been a little frustrating. Because when you practice and hit the ball well, you feel like you should be more comfortable once you get on the course. But I just haven't been doing that. And I still didn't know if I was going to bring it out on the course this week or not. It's good to see. There's still a few times out there where I'm a little nervous over shots just worried a little bit where the miss is going to be, rather than just hitting the shot. But I haven't, fortunately, I haven't done that too much. And I think as the week's gone on I've gotten a lot more confidence because I have actually pulled shots off that I wanted to hit.

Q. Were there any shots that stood out today?

KARRIE WEBB: My shot into 8. I just had a pretty good 6-iron in there. And the ball was below my feet. And then I had a pretty strong right-to-left crossing breeze. And I just wanted -- the pin was cut on the right and I wanted to hold it into the wind a little bit and I know that I have a tendency when the ball's below my feet to hold on to it too long and pull it. So I was pretty -- it just ended up going straight at the pin. That was one of the short birdie putts I missed. About a four-footer. But that was probably the best iron shot I played all day.

Q. I don't know how the pairings are going to shake out, but just your thoughts, if it's you and Annika, your thoughts about that in the final round.

KARRIE WEBB: Actually Annika and I haven't played together a whole lot this year. And I definitely haven't played with her probably -- I don't even know when the last time was I played with her. I would say I definitely haven't played with her since the U.S. Open. And I don't even know if I've played with her much before that. So obviously if it is Annika and I in the last group, even if she's not in the last group, she's definitely the one to watch tomorrow. She's obviously pulled through in a lot of tournaments this year, either leading or from behind, and she's playing with a lot of confidence. And it's definitely going to be a challenge. But the course is a challenge in itself. So I just hope that I can go out there and do what I've done the last couple of days and if I do that then I think I'll have a good chance.

Q. Do you watch the scoreboards much?

KARRIE WEBB: No, I watched the score boards whether I'm in contention or not. I watch them all the time. From the first hole on the first day.

Q. Not only that but you, I notice you watch play too. Like yesterday on the 7th green you were, you must have been curious if Annika was trying to drive that green. You looked like you were peaking over to see.

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, because I didn't go for it and then I hit my 5-wood a lot further than I thought I could off that tee. So she carried it well into the green -- well it went into the left bunker, but it easily flew the front right bunker. So I was just interested to see how easy it was. She's probably hitting it a little further than me, but today I hit driver off that tee and the wind was a little different than yesterday, but I was just curious just to see. I don't typically watch too many shots, but that one I was just interested in to see how easily she carried that front bunker.

Q. (Inaudible) ?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah. Yeah. It's good. She's had a good year with a couple of wins. And I always like to see Rachel doing well.

Q. Do you care who you play with?

KARRIE WEBB: Oh, no. No, I don't particularly care.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KARRIE WEBB: Yup. First hole I hit my drive in the left, one of the left fairway traps there. And I was just short of the green and pitched it to about 20 feet and 3-putted.

3 I hit a 3-iron just to the front edge and chipped to about four feet and made the putt.

6 I hit driver just left of the green and chipped it to about two feet.

10 I hit a wedge to 15 feet. Made that.

13 I hit a 7-iron to about eight feet.

15 I hit a 3-iron to the back of the green and chipped it to about 12 feet and made the putt. And that's it.

Q. What did you hit on 14?

KARRIE WEBB: 14 I hit an 8-iron. I think that was around about the time where the wind was changing a little bit. And I hit it right at the pin but it was just too much club and went over the back. The yardage played a lot shorter than I thought it would.

Q. Are you getting to the point where you are hitting the ball where you want it and seeing the line you want?

KARRIE WEBB: I'm getting -- yeah. On certain shots. On certain shots I feel good over the ball and I just feel good with the yardage and stuff like that. But it's been a good feeling to see that and to see solid iron shots. And I had yesterday, for three holes there, I think it was the second I hit it to a couple of feet and then I nearly holed it on the fourth. And then on 16 yesterday I had nearly holed it there. So it's right on with my irons yesterday and it continued today.

Q. What's the value of a win?

KARRIE WEBB: Well I don't think you can finish off your year any better than with a win. And especially in this field and on this golf course. So last year it was nice to come in here and finish with a win and put myself in that position to do that again. And I'm really pleased with my efforts this week. So I hopefully I can finish it off tomorrow.

Q. Does a win here serve as a springboard into next year?

KARRIE WEBB: No, I don't know. I don't really think so. It is such a long break that I don't really think that -- it definitely didn't help me this year. So after winning last year. So I think it's either way. You could start off good, you could start off not that great. So I think the main thing is if I play well tomorrow and give myself a chance to win and finish off the year on a good note.

Q. What are you doing next year about equipment?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah. Not a whole lot. I'm pretty open. So I'll just play what's the best out there.

Q. Do you want Jay to find you another company?

KARRIE WEBB: I've played that since I was 10 years old, so I haven't -- and I've only switched balls three times. Since then I played the DT Titleist, the Tour Balata and the Pro V-1, so, yeah. Well when you're 10 you don't really need to spin it. But, yeah. I don't know if the club manufacturers have a lot of money at the moment. And I think I'm going to like the freedom, maybe, to be able to play whatever clubs I want to.

Q. Have you talked to Wally about your contract? He's not continuing with Dottie either is he?

KARRIE WEBB: It's really a question you should ask him. I haven't spoken to Wally. I spoke through Billy Young, but I haven't actually spoken to Wally personally.

Q. We have talked about Augusta- but what do you think about Suzy Whaley playing at the Greater Hartford Open?

KARRIE WEBB: Well I think she's obviously earned her right to play in it. I think that, I don't think -- either way, whether she plays or not I don't think it's going to do any damage to women's golf. I think that because she's earned the right she should just go out there and enjoy herself and play in it.

Q. Should she play from the regular tees?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I think that it's going to be a tough task. Because I know that it's probably, on some holes, you know, from the tee to the fairway it's probably more than she can even carry it. So I don't know, it's up to her. I don't think -- I don't have an opinion either way. If she doesn't feel comfortable doing it, I don't think she should do it. If she wants to go out there and feels like she will have a good time and enjoy herself, then by all means she should do it.

Q. Are you mad about what is going on at Augusta?

KARRIE WEBB: It's just been an issue, it's just gone on too long. At the start of the year I asked why this year? I mean it's not like the Masters is any more high profile now than it was 10 years ago. Because it's just been, it's been the golf event that every one watches for I don't know how many years. And so I agree with Ty, it has gone on long enough and the longer it goes on it does affect the game of golf. But I don't think anyone has any control over -- Ty saying that they should admit women now to end it, you know, what we say or what Martha Burk says, it's not up to us. Augusta National ultimately in the end is a private golf club. And hopefully that they will do what is in the best interests of the game as well as the best interests of their club.

Q. Are you still going to watch the Masters?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I watched it since I was young. So I love watching it. I don't know. It's great.

DANA VON LOUDA: All right. Thank you, Karrie.

KARRIE WEBB: Thank you.

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