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May 4, 2003

Karrie Webb


NEAL REID: Another close one here, pretty exciting finish. I wonder if you would talk about your day, a very good day for you in.

KARRIE WEBB: Well, obviously, it was a little windy. I thought if I played 3 or four or five under, I would have a good chance. I hit the ball pretty well today, probably the best I hit it all week. I still hit a couple of lost shots that day, but managed to get up and down, and I only made one bogey so I feel pretty good about things.

I'm pretty happy with the way I played down the stretch. Obviously I was in contention and I hit a lot of good shots.

NEAL REID: Questions?

Q. When you came to 18, you end up making par there, did you kind of think I'm going to be one stroke shy?

KARRIE WEBB: I actually didn't think I was going to have to hit. I think Grace and Cristie still had three holes to go. I didn't think I would even have to sit around. I thought I might be one shy but I was hitting a few balls on the range and Grace missed the fairway on 18, so I thought that, you know, into the wind. On that hole it was playing quite long, so I thought I had a chance.

Q. Where were you when she was putting out?

KARRIE WEBB: I was on the putting green.

Q. You were. You can tell by the roar?

KARRIE WEBB: As soon as there was a big roar I knew Cristie made birdie which would have put her at 9 or Grace made her putt.

Q. Was it a pretty tough day to score out there?

KARRIE WEBB: Yes, I'd say. The wind that we had this weekend is the toughest the course plays, I think, it makes some of the long holes play quite long. At the start of the week we hadn't had any, so it was playing quite fast, and on the weekend we weren't getting as much roll. So you know there was a couple of the long par-4's that were already long that played long.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about this tournament and this venue, the first time, I'm curious as to your impressions of the tournament yourself and the layout?

KARRIE WEBB: The tournament itself, I don't think you will hear one person, one caddy, one play other, or one caddy complain about the way I have been treated this week. It's a first rate event. Obviously, people around here know how to run an event. They have run a PGA event for however many years it was here. From that standpoint we have been treated excellently. The course is a great course for us. It's a good setup. Our officials set the course up well this week. It was a good test. I think it's not a bad thing when a 9 or 10-under wins a golf tournament. You don't have to go out there and have a hot putter, you can play pretty decently and make a few putts and have a chance. So I always think that's probably more exciting than 20-under winning a 4 round event. And then the crowds were great even from Thursday and Friday, you know. We had a lot of people out here for us on a Thursday and Friday. And today, you know, I played with Laura Davies and both of us mentioned how good the crowds were because we were like fourth or 5th last group, so we still saw a lot of people which was great.

Q. Is your emotion now disappointment that you didn't win or pleasure that you made such a nice move today to get in contention?

KARRIE WEBB: I think I'm pretty satisfied with finishing where I did. I lead last week going into the last round I had a terrible Sunday. I'm quite happy to leave my best round for the last day this week. I just put myself in contention and doing well in that situation. I feel good about, and, you know, at the start of the weekend I didn't think I had too much of a chance. I knew I would have to play really well. Just the fact I finished second is, you know, probably a lot better than I thought at the start of the weekend.

Q. How much did the momentum from the eagle yesterday carry over today?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, yesterday's round I think I was a bit of a trash queen. Yesterday I didn't hit the ball well at all. I got up and down. You name it, I got up and down. It was an unbelievable round and to hole the shot on the last, just makes you realize how crazy this game can be where you can be playing your very best golf as far as tee to green and then not make any putts, and I shoot 1-under or something, and I felt I hit it fairly ordinary yesterday and hole a shot on the last, and all of a sudden I was quite pleased. I was telling my caddy, Mike, when we were going up the last, I can't believe I'm 1-under today. I had gotten every little bit out of my round. I hole it and shoot 3-under and all of a sudden I'm in contention for the tournament. So it's just a crazy game.

Q. When you are one stroke away from it when you think over the day (Inaudible)?

KARRIE WEBB: You can do that every round of every week. You would beat yourself up if you did that too much. I can say today I missed about a four or five-footer on the 3rd hole for birdie. Then I made two six, 7 footers for par on 17 and 18. So if I make that birdie putt, but miss both of those, I'm even one shot worse than I already am. So it all evens out in the mix.

Q. Karrie, is there a feeling that this finally gives you something really substantial that you can build upon going into upcoming events now?

KARRIE WEBB: Yes. Obviously it my best finish of the year so I feel pretty good about that. Things are coming around slowly. I think my swing is actually a lot better than it is. It's really good on the range. I just haven't been out -- take it out to the course and play a whole 18 holes of golf where I feel I hit every shot reasonably well.

So you know, once I can carry it out to the golf course, you know, I think I will be in contention a little bit more often.

NEAL REID: Thanks.

End of FastScripts....

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