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March 11, 2002

Justine Henin


MODERATOR: Questions for Justine.

Q. That wasn't one of your better matches.

JUSTINE HENIN: No, for sure. I mean, I didn't play good match. She played so well. I was I think too nervous at the beginning of the match. She was strong. I couldn't develop my game because I was too nervous. I practiced her some days ago, I could feel she was playing well. Maybe I was a little bit afraid of this match. But, I mean, I'm a little bit frustrated because I couldn't play my game and I couldn't play. So that's a little bit sad.

Q. Why would you be nervous? You're a Wimbledon finalist. Why would you be nervous against a player that's younger and has less experience?

JUSTINE HENIN: That's the problem. I mean, for sure. But I'm young also. I still have many things to learn. I mean, everybody can beat everybody on tour, for sure. I don't have the experience of the Williams or Davenport or Capriati or Hingis, for sure in the Top 10. I just tried to do my best. Today it didn't work. She's a young player. She has nothing to lose. She was the outsider, like I was last year. So, I mean, that's the difference.

Q. Are you done practicing with her?

JUSTINE HENIN: I don't think about this now.

Q. Can you talk about your serve?

JUSTINE HENIN: I will talk generally. I couldn't play my game. That's it. For sure when it's like this, I can't serve very well. I think it's for everybody the same. When you're not ready emotionally, I mean, it's hard to develop your game. So, I mean, my serve for sure sometimes was good and sometimes I did some double-faults. I mean, that was the match.

Q. Last year you served well. Now it looks like you're making a fairly major change in your motion, your service motion. Why the change?

JUSTINE HENIN: I change the movement because, I mean, I wasn't regular enough. I said that, I worked very hard on. I said that it's going to take maybe some more tournaments, maybe some months to fix it definitely. For sure, I still have to work on. I think when I'm well in my head and when I'm playing well, my serve is fine. So that's not the problem.

Q. So you haven't thought about going back to how you used to serve?

JUSTINE HENIN: No, not at all.

Q. And is it for more power or consistency that you're doing it?

JUSTINE HENIN: For more power maybe, but to be more regular, for sure, also. Physically, I think it's easier for me to serve like this. But, I mean, I lost a lot of matches with my serve last year, so we decided to change it. In a lot of matches, it's going a lot better. But, I mean, today was a little bit worst.

Q. You played her earlier this year, correct?

JUSTINE HENIN: I played her my first match of the year at Gold Coast.

Q. What's the difference between her then and now, the way she's playing?

JUSTINE HENIN: I played in Gold Coast. Today it was hard for me to play. I mean, I lost the first set there already, but I did difference after because I stayed calm and I wanted the victory. I fighted a lot. She didn't play so well like she did today. She's in confidence I think also. That's the difference.

Q. What do you think she does well on court?

JUSTINE HENIN: I mean, I don't think that she's asking in her head a lot of questions. She just goes, try to hit on everything. She can be strong. I mean, for sure, she's a young player. Like I said, for me it was different last year also because I was an outsider, and now I'm in the Top 10. It's a different situation. But she's serving very well also, and she's an aggressive player. So, I mean, probably in the next year, she will be in the top.

Q. Are you saying when you're an outsider, it was easier, so do you not like being a Top 5 player? Is there too much pressure there?

JUSTINE HENIN: No. It's just a time to have an adaptation. Sometimes it takes some months, no, to accept this situation. I did well in Australia and Belgium, in the last tournament. I can accept this situation. But sometimes for sure it's a lot of pressure. I have to work on and to live with it.

Q. It's hard to predict, but how good do you think she could be? You say the top. Top 10, Top 5?

JUSTINE HENIN: Everybody can beat the Top 5, Top 10. All the players in the Top 10 lost against a player like Hantuchova. She will be for sure in the top in the next year. It's not the big problem.

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